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One walks from display to display and gets to hear Walts own voice and watch interviews where he explains where he was at, where the company was at, where society was at, when it happened. From Chicago to Missouri, to Kansas, to World War I, back to frikkin Kansas and bankruptcy and then to Hollywood. He talks about how he lost his and Ub Iwerks creation Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to Mintz along with Iwerks due to poor business acumen. He talks about how he lost out on a year of profits due to Pat Powers Cinephone unethical business practices. This guy got steamrolled by corporate thefts more times than any small technology startup out there and he kept going. He kept true to his vision because he believed it could be better. It also sort of explains why the Disney empire is so protective of their property.

Summary: For the first time in 15 years, Disney opens a Disney resort two of them, in fact The Grand Floridian and the Caribbean Beach Resort. This will launch what will become a massive 10-year hotel expansion program over the next decade. Those rooms will be needed as Walt Disney World is about to expand in a major way before the end of the decade.

Holiday Inn Maingate East - A Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Hotel offering free transportation to Disney s theme parks and neaby shopping outlets. Located just 2.5 miles from the Walt Disney World Resort.

Domestic theme parks revenues depend on the number of visitors, which is related to the strength of the dollar. A weaker dollar encourages more foreign travelers to visit the and more domestic travelers to stay within the country, but a stronger dollar makes products and services including admissions to Disneys theme parks relatively more expensive.

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