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People often ask - How should I start making my dreams of being an animator true?
We think that: Hey. I'm a young artist who is well-rounded in all mediums or art. I have just recently started to watch Clannad and it's sequel Clannad After Story. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, it's a Japanese cartoon, or anime. The show inspired me to become an animator (and I highly recommend anyone who loves a good story to watch it). The visuals of the show are as amazing as the story, and while sketching a few character designs and writing a script is easy, I don't know the next steps I should take to creating a good, solid anime. All I would like to know is what could help me. Is there a software that's better than the ones I see at target? Is there equipment that I need? Any one that has animated something or just knows a lot about it, your information is greatly valued. I am going to search around to see what I can find, but I'd still like to see what feedback Yahoo! users can give me. Please help, and thank you.

People often ask - How can you help your child get ready faster?
The answer is: In the mornings my 5 y.o. daughter is so slow getting ready and she often makes everyone else late. I've tried letting her watch cartoons, not watch cartoons, wake up earlier, etc. Nothing seems to work. If I get her up earlier she still manages to drag things along. I have another child who does everything quite timely. I am out of ideas on how to make her go faster. She eats very slowly, loves to just sit there and play with the spoon [yes, I feed her stuff she likes], will take ages getting dressed even though I already ironed and put her clothes out for her, etc. Lots of litte things like that. Please, I need some ideas!

Frequently asked questions - What are some good Netflix movies/shows?
We think that- PLEASE READ: Do not post without AT LEAST going over the information below first. The reason I say this is because many people just skip the information below and put whatever to reply as fast as possible. Please, just give me your best answers for this question.______________________________________Hello everyone,I am a huge movie fanatic, and recently, I have plateaued on the amount of good-quality movies and/or shows I run across while browsing Netflix. I would REALLY appreciate it if someone provided a pretty lengthy or good quality list of movies and/or shows I could watch. Thank you in advance.______________________________________Here is a list of genres I like:Anime, action/adventure (only sometimes- depends on excitement of the film), comedy (again, only if it guarantees a good laugh), crime, fantasy (sometimes), horror, science fiction (sometimes), thrillers (love them). Basically, nothing too cliche or "average", I am in dire demand of something that stands out, and that I will remember.______________________________________Examples of films/shows that I enjoyed:- House M.D.- Dexter- Samurai Champloo- Angel Beats- Soul Eater (bad ending though :/ )- Se7en- Gladiator- Pulp Fiction- Star Wars- Law Abiding Citizen- The Shawshank Redemption- Fight Club- Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (don't judge lol)- Unthinkable- The Pursuit of Happiness- Zombieland- I Saw The Devil- Harry Potter- Boondock Saints- The Stepfather- Memento- I Am Legend- Forrest Gump- Nip/Tuck- Death Note- Spartacus- LOST (Probably my favorite show of all. It includes every single genre I love + more.- All those awesome classics that we've all loved- All those good Disney movies from our childhood- Etc, etc.______________________________________Dislikes:- Anything that is just plain out dumb. You know what I'm talking about... The Room, Jaws (loved it at the beginning... when I was like 9... it just kinda got too repetitive?), etc.______________________________________I am a very flexible and open-minded person, so just throw anything you liked/loved in there, I am willing to give it a try. Thank you again :D and have a great day/night :)ALSO, it does not necessarily have to be a Netflix movie, I just need something to keep me busy for a while.

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