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Many people ask : Any idea of what should happen next?
Here is the answer: I am having trouble of thinking of something to come next in my novel. any ideas?In the beginning..... oh, long before that, there was a woman. A foolish woman, who decided to fall in love with a man. A man that she knew she would never have.And that woman, was me.1.The rain beet hard against the windows of my sixth period classroom. I could hear the wind howling outside. I hoped this weather would bring it down a little by the timeschool got out, since i had to ride my bike home, and i had no desire to get soaked. Just then, the bell rang."Have a nice weekend class, and dont forgwt to......" but I never heard the end of what Mrs. Spitell was saying, becuase I was laready out the door, and heading outside.I pulled the hood pf my jacket over my head, closed my eyes, and ran outside into the pooring rain. Why hadn't I brought my umbrella? Hadn't I known it was sapost to rain?Oh thats right, I couldn't have known, since my little sister Jessica was watching cartoons this morning, instead of letting me watch the news.Jessica's 11, but she still acts like she's 7. Being the oldest sibling, isnt as easy as it seems. For instance, I always have to babysit instead of being able to go out on the weekends.This would be such a huge inconveniance, if I had somewhere to go, and friends to go with. But since I don't, there really isnt any reason for mom to hire a babysitter.I unlocked the front door, and stepped into the warmth of the front hall, I was, for once, glad to be home. I saw that mom wasn't home yet. Walking into the kitchen, I noticed afolded piece of paper taped to the mocrowave. It was a note from mom.Brenda,I need you to watch Jessica for me for a few hours tonight. I'm working late again.There is some leftovers in the fridge. Just pop them in the microwave.I should be home by 10. You know the,momI sighed. Another Friday ruined. Mom worked late almost every weekend, so I dont know why this came as a surprise to me.Walking over to the refridgerator, I tried to remeber what we had ahd for dinner the night before. I hoped it was something that Jessica liked. She could be such a little brat when she didn'tget what she wanted. I opened the door. On the first shelf, there was a small container of macaroni and cheese, and cut up hot dogs. Revolting. I don't see howpeople can eat that stuff. I kept looking. There was a package of unopened turkey. Sandwhiches it is, I thought. Just then, Jessica walked in."wheres mom?" she asked."she's working late. I'm watching you tonight." I replied, annoyed. She shot me a dirty look. Oh, here we go!"I don't need someone to watch me, I'm 12, I can take care of myself!" Jessica shouted as she stormed out of the room in an angry hough.I tried to remeber if I had ever been like this at her age.Idecided that I hadn't been.I closed the door to the refridgorator, and climbed the stairs to my room. I walked in, and set my things down by my desk. Sitting down in the comfy chair, I dug around in my backpack untilI found my math homework. Adding and subtracting integers. Not my favorite. In fact, the hole subject of math, wasn't exactly my favorite. I didn't hate it. Well, not that much anyway.At about 7:30, I was done with all my homework. But before I could turn my laptop on, my door swung open. Jessica stood there, hands on her hips, glaring at me."where you planning on making dinner?" she asked coldly."oh, so now you need someone? What happened to taking care of yourself?"She rolled her eyes."Fine," I replied "Go finish up your homework, and I'll come get you when dinner's ready."she left the doorway, and I got up to go to the kitchen.Pulling out the turkey, I searched for some mustard and mayo to put on the sandwhiches. I found some in the very back.I walked over to the counter, and prepared dinner, addind a side of potatoe chips.I walked up the stairs, and down the hall, openeing Jessica's door. She was laying on her bed, headphones on, bobbing her head along to the beat."Dinner." I said, holding out the plate. She took the plate, and looked down at what was on it."Sandwhiches?" she asked, her eyebrows raised. "This, is your idea of a dinner?""Yes, actuallly, it is. It's a good soarce of protein." I replied, happy with myself for thinking of such a good comeback to that remark. Usually, I can't think of anything to say until a few hours after the conversation has already taken place."I'm on a diet, I can't eat this." Jessica said."Then make your own stupid dinner!" I shouted, sick and tired of her whining. I grabbed the plate from her hands, and slammed the door behind me on the way out.

Well Denise, Im sorry but I havent been down to Disney World since the recent change in the movie to Martin Short. In fact, todays binaural memory comes from my last trip to Disney. Its a perfect spring day in May 2007. Traci whos 4 months pregnant and I are joined by her parents today. We arrive a little bit before the doors open, so we get to sit on the barrels and wait. Our hostess will welcome us, warning us about the feeling of motion, and then lets us in. Youll hear my father-in-law mention the sound from the old projectors, and my wife comments about the quality of the pictures compared with the then new Planet: Earth series. I can only imagine the redone video has improved some of these things. In any case, the lights dim and were treated to what was probably my favorite 360 show in all of Epcot.

Frequently asked questions - Should The Last Airbender movie be redone by a new director and writer?
We think that- The movie I thought was I huge let down, and that includes the dozens of my friends and family who love the series. Trying to fit a whole season into one movie was going to be difficult, but that wasn't even the issue. The characters were flat, emotionless. Aang didn't seem to enjoy life, he was very serious which is not at all the way he was in the series, not to mention that he didn't have any feelings toward Katara, I mean come on he had a crush on here from the start. Sokka was a funny guy that loved food and joking around but was serious when it came to fighting the fire nation, but in the movie he was almost obsessed with fighting the fire nation, but just barely, he still showed little emotion or character. I was not sure what to expect from the movie, but was pretty sure there would still be plenty of action and special effects, water-earth-fire-water bending anyone, plenty of opportunity for both. But even here there was nothing but disappointment, two parts. First bending was no longer a fast action thing, but took unnecessarily long drawn out movements that didn't even feel like they belonged. Yes bending did require well practiced movements and form, but even simple airbending moves took a lot of time for Aang to perform, it was like seeing Bruce Lee doing hand gestures before each punch. For needing to use time wisely because of so much story, making bending take forever seems a bit foolish. Second not only did we now have to wait to see the bending take place, it was painfully dull. Besides the poor special effects, that like the rest of the movie seemed rushed and low budget, the bending was sad, what little airbending Aang did was boring. Fire benders could no longer make fire, just move or throw fire that already was in front of them, which would have made them very weak to the other bending nations they were conquering, (fire is easily put out by things like water, sand, powerful bursts of wind) how were they beating these nations when there bending could be taken away so easily, not very well thought out. That earthbending prison camp was painful to see, many earthbenders with nothing but sand and rock around them couldn't take out a few firebenders with only one fire pit going (the fire pit again being their only source for bending). I could just keep going on and on about the bland dialog, the poor scene planning, what bad cuts were made to the story or characters. Overall this was the most disappointing movie I have ever seen. Even looking at it from the point of view of someone that had never seen the series, the movie itself would have been a, "ehh was ok but I wouldn't watch it again" or "I wish I would've waited for that to come to video". Shyamalan has done a couple of decent films, the village was one that I really liked, but I really think that the movie should be redone with someone else writing and directing it. The series was (and still is) one of the most popular shows, and not just in the cartoon category, it shouldn't have looked and felt like a rushed, chopped up, low budget film, it deserves much better. Am I alone on this? What's really sad is when I look for that answer, many turn to the film being racist, which was not at all how I or anyone else I've talked to felt about the movie. I have a separate question open for that topic if your interested. But what I really want is to see Avatar the Last Airbender movie done justice, and since I can't find anywhere to voice that I am asking anyone that reads this to give me your viewpoint, or if there is somewhere that people are voting to get a good Avatar the Last Airbender movie redone, please point me to it.

Many people are interested - What's your favorite old animated disney movie?
The answer is- Like 2-D animation type stuff. I still can't decide, I'm in between Aladdin, The Hunch Back of Notre Dame, The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast, and I was just wondering what you all think.

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