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Buena Vista Street Ready to Take Shape at Disney California Adventure Park, DISNEYWIRE: A look at Buena Vista Street plans, An Exclusive Look At Buena Vista Street, D23 Expo: DCA Buena Vista Street WDI Imagineers preview panel Full Video, Buena Vista Street From a Birds Eye View Disney Blog - Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides may have grossed more than 1 billion worldwide, but Jack Sparrow is not the only Disney pirate making waves this year. The fearsome Captain Hook from 1953 s Peter Pan has returned in a gentler form in Jake and the Never Land Pirates, a preschool-friendly animated hit Read more

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Here is the answer: I am going to Disneyland on my birthday with my friend. I have been there a number of times before, but I am looking for some suggestions. Ive never gone to 'Tom Sawyer Island', how does that work?Ive also heard that there are secret places or items within you know what these are?Also, some suggestions for line cutting, (hey, Im only human!), eating, shopping, etc. We're planning on driving home the same day. We're going on Easter Sunday....(birthday).SO any and all suggestions work.I am absolutely in LOVE with Disney Land, but want to see it from some other perspectives that perhaps I have overlooked!Thank you soooo Much!!Ps- we'll both be 21 if that helps!Even ideas for Downtown Disney, California Adventures and anything to walk to and 'must-see'thank thank thank you!!!

When we think of Mickey Mouse today we see the friendly, benign Disney icon. But in the depression-era 1930s, the mouse was a mischievous, adventurous rascal. With his on-screen popularity booming, King Features Syndicate approached Walt Disney with the idea of a daily comic strip for Mickey. Disney who had always wanted to be a comic strip cartoonist jumped at the idea and ‚ collaborating with artist Ub Iwerks ‚ Disney quickly launched Mickey Mouse in daily newspapers across the country.

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Even though Walt Disney wasnt able to see how his park and his company prospered and grew into the 21st Century, his legacy still lives on with us. Throughout Disneyland and throughout the entire world, he will always be there.

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