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People often ask - Which one do you like best: Disneyland, Sea World or Universal Studios in California?
The answer is: My husband and I are thiking about going on a vacation early next year and we are already starting to plan (this is our first trip ever together and the first for him out of state). We would like to go to at least 2-3 amusements park in California but not sure what one. I have been to Disneyland long ago and I really enjoyed it and I think I want to go again and my husband has never been there. What other things are there to do in California we are open for suggestions, we plan on staying there for a week. Do you recommend going to San Diego Zoo? Anyone who lives in Caifornia please give me some attractions to go to. I would really like to take a boat ride on the sea becuz my husband has never seen the ocean before, how much to the boat rides cost and the names so I can look it up online. Oh, can you tell me your opinion on Universial Studios and Sea World and what one you like better?? Thanks for all the help.

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We think that- My friend has a picture of a tiny cartoon Elephant on her profile, it doesn't really scroll across the page it like scrolls to one side and then turns or flips around and scrolls to the other side. I was wondering you could tell me how to do that or a web site that I can copy and paste the code for that. Thanks for the help! (:

Iger also praised Tangled for its near 500 million worldwide box-office tally, with an opening in Japan still to come. He called animation the heart of Disney and said Tangled has successfully introduced Rapunzel to its popular line of princesses.

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Here is the answer: this is what I have for my speech and it needs to be at least 2 min long so what can I do to make it longerDare to Dream means to go ahead and have the courage to try and work hard to achieve your goals. I worked very hard to achieve my dream of graduating and here I am today to encourage my peers and friends to never stop working to achieve a dream. My next step is to go into the next phase of life and achieve even bigger dreams. I will always be working at making my dreams a reality. Some people may say get your head out of the clouds and face reality, but I just think those are people who are afraid to work towards something that they are dreaming about. Without dreams we would have nothing to look forward to, but that just it we're just looking towards it. All you have to do is believe and you can do impossible things. Yes, impossible things are happening every day. If you are self- adequate enough your dreams can become a reality. Dare to be you, Dream the impossible dream. As Walt Disney once said ďAll our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

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We think that: On the drive home from school, a story came on NPR about certain religious fundamentalists who were protesting gay marriage. My son asked why the people on the radio were shouting and angry. So we had a long talk about the story -- about how these people have a book called the Bible, and how part of this book says that people like Ms. Isis and Ms. Natalie (family friends who happen to be a married lesbian couple) are bad people and deserve to go to Hell (a place he knows about from cartoons and such)- and that because their book says this and they believe it was written by their god, that that gives them the right to treat people unfairly just because they're different.After I finished explaining, my son said very solemnly, "I hate the Bible.""No, my son," I replied. "When you're old enough, you can read the Bible yourself, and decide for yourself if you hate it or not. The Bible says lots of different things -- some good, and some bad. And you're going to find in life that there are lots of people who read the Bible- and lots of them use the good parts, and it helps them to become better people. And some of them use the bad parts, and it leads them to do bad things. The important thing is to make up your mind about what kind of person YOU want to be..."So how about YOU? Do you have any stories about a time where you came to the defense of folks on the other side of the religious debate? Have you ever dissuaded your children from reflexively taking a particular side on an issue, even if you thought it was the right side, because you thought that it was more important that they reach an informed decision on their own?I'd love to hear your own stories...

This week I once again had Monday and Tuesday off. Monday I mainly relaxed and caught up on some much needed rest. It was Lauren and Daniels 2 year so I went to the store and got some stuff to decorate with. I ended up with some candles, rose petals, a rose, heart candies and sparkling cider. When she got home the stuff was set up all over her bed and then Daniel sent her an invitation he made to go on an online chatting date. It was really cute and a lot of fun! Then Tuesday my roommate Allie and I went to Epcot. Its starting to get more and more crowded as it gets closer to March and Spring Break, so we avoided the main rides. Instead we went on Journey Into The Imagination and then over to Honey I Shrunk The Audience. Epcot has this new Kim Possible adventure so we got recruited to be secret agents! We went over to Italy and were issued special cell phones that told us to go to Japan to stop the killer Bebe robots. It was cool because the phone tells you to go to certain places in your land and look at certain objects to help fix the problem. Like at one point we looked at a rock and then the phone would synch up to it and a Japanese symbol lit it was crazy! After we helped stop the Bebes we shopped in Japan where I bought a pack of 50 incense with a stand. Then we went over to Mouse Gear where I got a charm bracelet and a castle charm that says Walt Disney World. I decided I was going to collect charms during my time which Im pretty excited about! Also I bought another but its top secret!

Frequently asked questions - How can I help my 9 year old neice deal with grandpa's death?
The answer- It happened more than a year ago and she still really misses him. My BIL and I both believe she is depressed and they don't have any mental health benefits through Medi-Cal. He use to make her eggs, she is hiding them under her pillow. They use to watch cartoons, etc. and be there to take care of here. (The all lived in the same house - grandparnets, BIL, and his kids) I have invited her over to play with my kids who are REALLY active and she has fallen asleep. I ask whats wrong and she is almost tears over grandpa. We don't know what to do. Also, her parents got divorced a little before grandpas death. The mom cared about partying and honestly did not want her kids. My BIL remarried to a wonderful woman who is great to my niece and nephew...but she seems like she is hurting so bad. I have already suggest the school psychologist but it didn't seem to help.

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