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The answer is- I am going to California this Thursday through Saturday, and I am going to Disneyland on Friday. I am a little worried about my spending money though. I only have 200 dollars for myself for those days. My hotel, flight, and Disneyland tickets are already paid for so I am not worried about all of that, I am just worried about money to eat with and souvenier money.Do you guys think that 200 bucks for one person for those days will be enough? What do you suggest I can do to save money while in Disneyland?

In 1954, Disney successfully invaded television, and by the time of his death, the Disney studios output amounted to 21 full-length animated films, 493 short subjects, 47 live-action films, seven True-Life Adventure features, 330 hours of Mickey Mouse Club television programs, 78 half-hour Zorro television adventures, and 280 other television shows.

Other Americanizing aspects of the Disney version included demystifying royalty in general they are depicted as well‚meaning comic types or utterly malevolent usurpers; portraying protagonists in voice and manner as all‚American teens with generation‚gap problems and romantic ideals; and mechanizing magic by emphasizing laboratories, magic wands, and other machines to suggest contemporary American technology. As Disneys critics began increasingly to complain, the attempts to improve animation by studying movement and striving for realistic effects paradoxically kept the company from exploring animations unique potential for envisioning other dimensions.

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