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Questions for new users - About learning how to draw.?
The answer: I have an imagined world. I really want to express everything my drawings things.First, I have no talent for drawings. Of course, talents make things easier.Second, when I start to draw a copy of an image (an anime or cartoon character), I don't know where to start. I just keep drawing everywhere and sometimes this will discourage me and also when i draw completely different, unlike the original.Third, I'm having so much trouble drawing something from my mind, like a face expression or body shape.Fourth, wrong way to hold a pen? Sometimes I just keep changing my way to hold pen when i draw...Uhh.. I don't know... I really want to continue but I just get discouraged by myself everytime I draw...Please give me some advice or suggestion!Thank you.

Many people ask - Are there well-thought, professional reviews on cartoon and other TV shows? If so is there a website for them?
The answer is- I always wondered how 'good' are the shows my family watch accordind to the conditions that make a shows great (ex. story, charater, action, music). So if someone has a good answer for this, they would really be doing me a favor. Please & thank you.Adam Lee Henry

An important note if you drive the 5. It can get extremely hot during the summer, so a car with working air conditioning is strongly advised. Also, it is important to make sure your car doesnt have problems with overheating, as this can be a real problem when trying to get over the Grapevine during three digit temperatures. Turn off air conditioning if you are not sure when going over it. Dont worry, most cars make it just fine. Ive never had problems. Youll do just fine. Dont let your friends tell you that you are crazy. They probably never did it themselves. Youll have a good time. Just take your time, stop at a hotel half way, and relax. And have fun at Disneyland! 3loons

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Regardless of age, gender, status and nationality, everyone has his or her favorite Disney movie. This is because everyone can relate to the stories and the characters in each movie released by the biggest media and entertainment company in the world, the Walt Disney Company.

The SMBGC has received a 5, 000 donation from the company, along with 50 tickets to Disneyland. The money will be used to aid the clubs education, leadership and recreation programs. The tickets will go to club members for a summer field trip.

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