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Frequently asked questions - Does anybody else think that disney is rather a pimp?
We think that- i mean if you think about it disney is making little sex kittens out of untalented yet pretty teenage girls... hannah montana selena gomez... look what happen to brittney spears and christina aguilera? i think this should be illegal as it is considered exploiting little girls. i guess its ok cause nobody really notices but what do you think i want to boycott disney untill they clean up their act. disney has never been all that innocent as you can plainly see from the cartoons like cinderella and snow white. it didnt bother me cause the sexual sounds comming from the characters were simply drawn characters. but now the focus is making sluts out of girls and making money off of them. sex sells is americas motto but we are talking about children. does anybody else feel the rage that i feel or is this some how supposed to be acceptable in our society?

Frequently asked questions : I don't understand how Disney channel's shows are for kids , i mean Pre-k to 5 or 6th?
We think that- Hannah Montana or wiz for Waverly place or Jonas or HIGH SCHOOL MUISCAL, my big thing. None of them are for kids to have little High school musical backpacks or dolls, toys, pens what ever crap they sell out their. ALMOST all of the stars LIKE FAME, ALOMSOT NON are APPROAITE. Most SHOWS don't even tell something good. Cartoons and play house Disney are ok. Hannah Montana- is all abt her self and how selfish she acts, she does something stupid and her rock star career can easily fix it. YAY! SO REAL...2. Wizards of warverly place- She is irresponsible, never listen, always acts stupid, wht are little kids supposed to learn in that to be irresponsible and MAGIC can help us. COOLMiley Cyrus- keeps making stupid mistakes, and thinks it's ok by saying i'm sorry, She's not a normal girl anymore so she has to watch it. if she cont. her career she can say bye for are career unless hello BRITNEY. We are the audience who decide their career, we have the CONTROL. So we can decide, and SPOILED, Brats carrer.2. Selena and Demi aren't reall that Best Friends, they somewhat freinds are co-worker, and DISNEY PLAYS MAGIC to ATTRACT audience.AND THEY both are so ANNoying togetherI don't have personal grudges on these people are shows or anything but i am CONFUSED!!

Popular questions : I'm going to disneyland tomorrow and I wanted to know if you have to be a certain age to buy a annual pass.;I'm sixteen. I also have to buy one for my little brother. And if you could tell me if there is still vmk stuff to do at disneyland?Well thank you for your answers.

Drawing provided an escape for Disney, and at the age of 14 he took his work on the road and enrolled at the Kansas City Art Institute. His art was temporarily put on hold when he joined the Red Cross at age 16 to serve as an ambulance driver at the end of World War I. In 1919 he returned to the United States and found work as a commercial artist. Together with Ub Iwerks, another artist at the studio, Disney soon formed an animated cartoon company in Kansas City.

Despite what people think about Disney creating sanitized stories for children, almost all of their movies have some deeply scary bits, and villains that terrorize a fresh year of youngsters with every release. The Black Cauldron, however, deserves special mention. The titular cauldron could be used to create horrific, unkillable zombie warriors. You can imagine how dark and pants-shittingly scary that would be to kids. Its also rare in that it was based on a modern novel rather than a classic tale. The story was so pitch black that the movie was vaulted for a very, very long time and it was the first Disney animated movie to be rated PG.

People often ask : Do you need to have acting and Dancing skills to work at DisneyLand?
Here is the answer- I have passed 1 test in dancing but that was ballroom dancing and I quit after that and I have no qualifications or anything in acting- can I still be a Disney princess?Any answers will be appreciated very much!

Frequently asked questions : How do I add my voice into like, cartoons that I make on windows movie maker? Do I need software?
We think that: I have windows movie maker and a microphone. I want to make a cartoon thing on paint with little clips, and add my voice onto them. How do I do it? (How do I add in my voice?)

Frequently asked questions - I need help on how to make a cartoon?
We think that: im doing a cartoon and its not a professional doing a project and i want to have a mini skit so i was think just draw the pictures of each movement put it on powerpoint and play it. Im not even sure thatll work but if it does i need to play it on a computer in school and they dont allow youtube or anything. Another group tried to play their powerpoint on a school computer and the images wouldnt show up. But they did it on a cd and i was think of using a usb. still im not sure itll work. please give some idea into what i should do or try.

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