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Many people are interested - What's your favorite Disney movie?
The answer is- I have quite a few favorites:The Little MermaidAladdinBeauty and the BeastSleeping BeautyPinocchioHerculesMulanThe Lion King

Frequently asked questions - Is he a major brat? Or am I being mean?
Here is the answer- Okay so I am the oldest of five children. Of course, they are a HUGE handful but overall we have fun together. But then, there's the oldest boy. He's 7 years old and a complete annoyance. I swear he does the most annoying things on earth just to tick me off! First of all I'm almost 16 years old and I have to share my room with him. I have a large bunkbed with his bed on top and my bed on bottom. First of all, he bursts in whenever he feels like it, even if I'm dressing which is EXTREMELY annoying and then he'll laugh and say "You're not the boss of me!" when I scream for him to get out, he'll keep me up until like 3am singing stupid cartoon theme songs and just being stupid (making noises, repeating annoying phrases over and over, etc) and he snores and farts SO LOUD! I asked why he can't sleep with my twin brother and sister in their room and they just say "Deal with it."And also, I don't know why, but all he wants to eat is spaghetti. Everynight its "Mom, make me spaghetti!" He never says please or thank you or anything and my mom just does whatever he says! Needless to say I now hate spaghetti with a passion. I can't stand eating it everynight anymore! It makes me sick now! But that's all he'll eat! And if my mom makes another dish, he'll have a tantrum for hours and then STILL make my mom make him spaghetti.He has a billion toys, play cars, video games, board games, etc. But everyday when my parents get home from work he'll interrupt what I'm saying (I'll ask how my parents day was and how they are doing etc) and the first thing he'll say is- "What did you buy me?" or "Did you bring me anything?" and if they didn't get him anything, then he'll make their lives hell for the rest of the inight. I've seen it done. He'll throw things at them, scream, throw tantrums and one time he threw a shoe and hit my mom in the face and he said "I hate you." just because she didn't buy him a thirty dollar playset!I'm seriously desperate here. How do I stop this little brat? I seriously wish I had another brother he's so mean and horrible! But he's only 7! What do I do? Thanks to any answer x

Many people are interested : Anime/Manga or a great Video Game to fill the gap?
The answer- I love to watch them. Even when I was in my old country, and did not understand what was going on, but it still made me happy the same way the old Sega mega drive video games made me feel. It evolved from Beyblade (season 1) > Pokemon (season 1-3)> Original Yugioh (season 1-5).I after it finished, it left a hole, I was trying to fill it trying to watch something new like, Bleach or Full Metal Alchemist. But none of them made me feel the same way the old stuff did. Also the new cartoons seem like marketing schemes, where the characters are only designed to make the most merchandise and seem fake, exaggerated, or has no atmosphere.So after buying a Yugioh game (stardust accelerator WC 2009), it made me want to go and catch up with the anime to see the story behind the cards like Neos, Yubel and Arcana force's. So I started watching Yugioh GX (season 1-4), not as good as the original obviously but still good. It made me have that old feeling again.Just finished Season 1 of Yugioh 5Ds. But I have to be honest it feels like Yugioh is dying like Beyblade and pokemon did. From this point onwards I don't have any new anime that I like.But this does not mean I still don't love watching anime, it's just most feel artificial and bland and standardized. I need some help, in that I need something that has a big and long storyline, with atmosphere.I finally finished reading Harry potter in 2010, 3 years late, but hey I seem to get into things slowly. After this final movie, I will kiss another story that I liked good bye. I need some Ideas for how to fill this void guys!Also any games for the Nintendo DS that are like legend of zelda or the old pokemon games. The new one, Black and white seems meh, I hope the new Nintendo 3DS has some Original games and not try to be a PSP, where they make a game already out for 360 or PS3, into a worst handheld version.

Popular questions - Ser or Estar when talking about favorite things?
Here is the answer- I want to say My favorite movies are all Disney

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