City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Disney world crowd chart, Disney animated films list.

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Many people ask : Who does Disney always put time limits on the DVDs?
The answer: You see TV adds with the guy saying "own ____________ a Disney DVD for a limented time, or "Hurry, these movies will go back in the "Disney vault"Why must they always make people hurry out to buy them? None of the other studios put aday deal on old movies and they stop selling or making them?makes me wonder if Walt were still alive if he would have liked this

I was the chef garde manager at the Peabody hotel; to Kissimmee, Fla., for an area chef position for the Walt Disney World Co.; and I was offered the chef position of the famous Tavern at the Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs,

Frequently asked questions - I don't understand how Disney channel's shows are for kids , i mean Pre-k to 5 or 6th?
The answer: Hannah Montana or wiz for Waverly place or Jonas or HIGH SCHOOL MUISCAL, my big thing. None of them are for kids to have little High school musical backpacks or dolls, toys, pens what ever crap they sell out their. ALMOST all of the stars LIKE FAME, ALOMSOT NON are APPROAITE. Most SHOWS don't even tell something good. Cartoons and play house Disney are ok. Hannah Montana- is all abt her self and how selfish she acts, she does something stupid and her rock star career can easily fix it. YAY! SO REAL...2. Wizards of warverly place- She is irresponsible, never listen, always acts stupid, wht are little kids supposed to learn in that to be irresponsible and MAGIC can help us. COOLMiley Cyrus- keeps making stupid mistakes, and thinks it's ok by saying i'm sorry, She's not a normal girl anymore so she has to watch it. if she cont. her career she can say bye for are career unless hello BRITNEY. We are the audience who decide their career, we have the CONTROL. So we can decide, and SPOILED, Brats carrer.2. Selena and Demi aren't reall that Best Friends, they somewhat freinds are co-worker, and DISNEY PLAYS MAGIC to ATTRACT audience.AND THEY both are so ANNoying togetherI don't have personal grudges on these people are shows or anything but i am CONFUSED!!

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Here is the answer: So my friend likes this guy who had been homeshcooled before coming to high school and has never had a girlfriend. he is really athletic and has muscles i didn't know existed i mean he looks like a god anyway his dad was in the navy and so was his grandpa and he is kinda a flirt but not a lot of girls like him i only know of me and my friend who like him well i sit next to him in my tech class and we always joke around and have races like who can type faster and when we get to listen to our music he leaves the headphone that's an my side out so we can talk even though one of his best friends sits next to him on the other side and almost all of the men in my family have gone into the navy like my dad grandpa and brother and i just think that me and him have so much in comen but my best friend liked him first and i don't want to like backstab her or anything but i want to ask him out and our leadership class id going to disneyland in like 4 days and he is going too and i was going to like ride the roller coaster that goes really fast with him and act all scared and hold on tho him but like i said i don't want to hurt my friend so what should i do?Also there was this Sadie's dance awhile ago and like for two weeks before it he kept saying like i need a date for Sadie's or no one has asked me and are you going to Sadie's or did you ask anyone and like hinting that he wanted me to ask him but i knew his neighbor was planing on asking him because it was convenient

The truth about Disney, who was described by an observant writer as a tall, somber man who appeared to be under the lash of some private demon, is slightly less benign and a lot more interesting. Uncle Walt actually didnt have an avuncular bone in his body. Though he could manage a sort of gruff amiability with strangers, his was, in fact, a withdrawn, suspicious and, above all, controlling nature. And with good-or anyway explicable-reason.

Frequently asked questions : What was your least favorite animated Disney movie as a kid?
We think that: i think mine was alice in wonderland or the jungle book (cause the kid left the jungle and i watched it too many times, lol)

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