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Many people ask : I know this is extremely weird but...?
Here is the answer- Yesterday I saw a really cute movie, that was really funny and is now one of my favorite movies, even though it's a kids movie. But I won't go into details.This is the weird part, it left me feeling empty inside. Like my heart was empty. Not sad though, just devoid of any feelings except for really enjoying the movie. I felt, unaccomplished. That's not the only time it's happened. It used to happen a lot. Especially with Disney movies. And I've noticed it's mostly movies that are cartoons and have a meaning to them. Movies that are like Wall-E and Up. And Peter Pan used to do it too... Lots of movies like that, not movies that are just like, say, Shrek.Is this normal? Am I one of the only people to feel like that?

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Wow, as a father and 360 gamer I was delighted buy the concept, yet bummed it was not Disney World. I am glad that my shootercentric console has options for younger gamers and their families. I hope this is the first of many virtual places. I would love the Smithsonium, or Library of Congress. or the Moon, maybe Mars. My Avatar cruising around topographically accurate Mars.

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