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It is a total mob scene in Disneyland between Christmas and New Years. That said, if you are willing to be in line at the entrance before they open in the morning, and hit Fantasyland immediately, you have a chance of getting on those rides before it becomes impossible. Im serious about being there first thing in the morning. After youve done the rides, theres so much stuff to look at, it can be fun for the kids to sit in strollers and check out the scene, plus, Disneyland is all decorated that time of year. However, sometimes around parade times, there is a gridlock of people that can be scary for the kids and the adults. On the other hand, the week BEFORE Christmas except for the day when employees can bring their guests - - you can call and check about that is a rather nice time to go. The best days are rainy days, because the parks are relatively empty, but the rides still sure you buy your passes at CSAA if youre a member before you go, so you dont have to wait in line to buy a ticket at D-Land. Many of the hotels nearby sell the tickets, too. A Disneyland Annual Pass Holder

If breakfast is not your style, then you can opt for Cinderella s Happily Ever After Dinner that takes place nightly at 1900 Park Fare in Disneys Grand Floridian Resort. A wonderful buffet is available, featuring prime rib. Cinderella and her friends meet and greet you as you enjoy your all you care to eat dinner.

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Im from the E-ticket generation. Now I have children and the Disney Channel. But there isnt a single Disney movie I can sit through without welling up at some point. From Bambies mom, to the kids from Space Mountain. Herbie to Hakuna Matada. Its just guaranteed that at some point between the Stitch and Motocrossed Im gonna need a I alone or should I call the, its happening again just from proof

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Adults will love this book both because it will remind them of the many characters with whom they grew up, and for the incredible science of Robert Sabudas paper will delight in the wonder of the pop up. Not only do they love the recent and classic Disney characters, but thrill to know that they can identify the first letters of those characters names!

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