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The real loser in this Netflix-Disney relationship may be Hulu, which is backed by News Corp., NBC Universal, and Disney. It would seem that the companys own backers are willing to arm its main adversary with content and thereby stripping it of some the services competitive advantage. NBC Universal also licenses older episodes from hit shows to Netflix, including 30 Rock and newer episodes from Saturday Night Live.

Critics Consensus: One of Disneys more abstract creations, The Three Caballeros is a dazzling, colorful picture that shows the company at an artistic acme.

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The selection of Disney clothing for adults is too limited, especially for men. This includes the selection within the park and the downtown area. For example, I tried to find a t-shirt with the most popular mickey image and they only had it in 1 color and as a ringer

If youre visiting Walt Disney World for the first time, one thing you should remember is to plan ahead. This isnt as hard as it sounds - just buy your tickets ahead of time and look over the packages Disney World has to offer. Depending on the package you choose, your tickets may include reservations for hotels, restaurants and various Disney World events. Here are some of your options.

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Here is the answer: You are planning a weeklong vacation for which you will drive from Phoenix, AZ to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. The distance one way is 357 miles. You have a mini-van that gets 36 miles per gallon, and a SUV that gets 24 miles per gallon. If you are driving round-trip, how much more money will you pay for gasoline if you take the SUV and gas costs $3.07?

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We think that: I'm the youngest of 5 kids. Two brothers two sisters. When I was growing up my mum and dad spoiled me a lot. Everything I ever wanted I had. My Walt Disney collection was Impressive! I owned every single movie that was made. Now I don't even have 1 of them!!! guess who stole them all. This is the only thing i could have kept and appreciated for the rest of my life for sentimental reasons as well.I know they have kids now but couldn't they have bought there own for the kid instead of stealing the ones My parents bought me???Am I being over dramatic? should I just let this GO??? or should I do something about this> Let me know.

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