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True Loves Kiss - To write this opening duet between Amy Adams and James Marsden, Schwartz and Menken considered how early Disney movies Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty were musicalized. Alan Menken calls this a Walt era reference. Schwartz says, I tried to channel the classic Walt Disney sensibility and then just push it a little bit further in terms of choices of words or certain lyrics.

the truth is that the boss of disney at the time was an jackass n fired everyone from his company after finishing a movie. The employees knowingly expected to get fired so they added sexual content to make viewers think wrong of disney. They were hidden from the head of disney which is why they are hidden in there

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The answer is- i live in san diego ca and i have a school thats going something call grad night if you even know what that is and about grad night i heard its a hour and a half away from here and they don't even want to tell the seniors where they are having it and im guessing its disneyland so what do you senior people think grad night will be at

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