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Many people ask - Who is your favorite disney character??
Here is the answer: Peter Pan or Dumbo

We had a family room with bunk beds for the kids. It was a very comfortable room with a lovely view of the grounds. 5 mins from Disney with free bus.

Many people are interested : What is your all time favorite Walt Disney movie?
The answer is- There are so many to choose from. I have to say mine is the 1977 The Rescuers. I have always been able to relate to it.

You created Deus Ex. You defied the standard seemingly definitive boundry lines between genres and made developers rethink how both shooters and RPGs could be made for years to come. And then you succumb to some biker dude, even after going to what must have been some effort to getting Disney to allow you to go in this direction, one biker dude is able to stop you. Ditto with the shenannigans.

Frequently asked questions - Disney Survey Anyone??????
The answer: Which Disney Princess film is your favorite?Beauty and the Beast! I admit to crying at the part where it appears the Beast died(heh)Which non-Disney Princess Disney Film is your favorite?Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Robin Hood. I've always been able to watch them all repeatedly. They never get old. Ever.Which Disney film makes you cry the most?Beauty and the Beast(I seriously started sobbing when Belle whispers "I love you" to the "dead' Beast).And that part in Princess and the Frog when Prince Naveen is like "She is my Evangeline..."Which Disney film makes you the happiest?Alice in Wonderland. I've always sort of wanted to live there, but alas, I am in reality.Which Disney film has the best music?Ooh, that's tough. I'm gonna have to go with Aladdin and Robin Hood(Oo De Lally Oo De Lally Golly What a Day!)Which Disney film has the best love story?Beauty and the Beast because Belle saw past the Beast to the person undearneath a la Phantom of the Opera(well kinda). And the Princess and the Frog because dang it that's a cute movie!Who is your favorite Disney Princess?BelleWho is your favorite Disney Prince?Prince NaveenWho is your favorite Disney animal sidekick?Do you mean the ones that don't talk or the ones that do?Because pretty much every animal in AIW is epic. Especially the White Rabbit, the Dormouse, and the March HareWho is your favorite Disney main character animal?Simba!Who is your favorite villain?In terms of "scares the heck out of me" then the Queen of Hearts. Otherwise I thought Dr Facilier(aka the Shadowman in Princess and the Frog) was epic.What is your favorite Disney song?Happy: Unbirthday Song- Alice in WonderlandSad: So Close- EnchantedWhat is your favorite Disney villian song?"Be Prepared" from Lion King... Scar freaked me out back when I was a kid!What is your favorite Disney animal song?"The Phony King of England" from Robin HoodWhat is your favorite Disney Princess song?"Belle" from Beauty and the Beast("There must be more than this provincial life!")What is your favorite Disney Prince song?"One Jump Ahead" from AladdinWhat is your favorite Disney Prince/Princess duet song?"A Whole New World" from AladdinWhat is your favorite Disney love song?"How Does She Know?" from Enchanted... one of the cutest songs ever, no doubt!Oh and also "You'll Be in My Heart" from Tarzan <3

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