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People often ask : Hayao miyazaki vs walt disney? who is better?
The answer is: i say miyazaki.

Many people ask : I notice people have clips from shows like spongebob how do i get those on a youtube video im making?
Here is the answer: im going to make a youtube poop and i want to have a cartoon to make it from and i dont know how to download clips from cartoons and stuff to make them more funny please be very detailed in your answers.and is there away to rip stuff from a movie disk to add it to my video. thank

Mr Lasseter was deeply opposed to the idea but Disney went ahead, as it owns the intellectual property, putting 100 scriptwriters, animators and other creative staff to work on Toy Story 3 at its own Walt Disney Studios animation complex in Burbank, California.

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Many people ask : What's your favorite cartoon character? :D?
The answer is: Your favorite cartoon network or nickelodeon characters? :D or any other cartoon movies/showsnot disney tho XP

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