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Central Florida News 13 Hurricane Irene: Lion King, Mary Poppins, more cancellationsLos Angeles TimesTwo Disney musicals The Lion King and Mary Poppins announced late Friday they will cancel their Saturday and Sunday performances due to the hurricane that is expected to reach the New York area over the weekend. Disney said

The second way to find the cheap hotels near Disneyland Paris is by book the hotel long before you plan your holiday or on certain period of time. Many hotels in Paris offer you special discount up to 50%. Different hotel may offer you different discount. It is all depend on the hotel. If you want to find the information about this you can visit its website. To get the higher discount you can also book hotel on the special occasion, for instance on the New Year holiday.

I pay 32 a month for a premium annual pass. It includes parking anywhere in the Disney lots, 20% off food and merchandise carts not included 10% in downtown Disney and unlimited visits any day of the year! If you go twice a month it pays for itself and Disney has really lightened up on what you can bring in. You should have ZERO excuse about spending money there. I bring it chips, water bottles and small food items into Disneyland and DCA with no problem. You can easily spend 32 a month on a pass and spend zero outside of the gas money it takes to get there.

Many people ask - Okayy soo. gilmore girls <3?
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