City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Disney worlds games, Disneyland resort location.

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Popular questions - What makes a good cartoon?
The answer- I like the Classic and 90's cartoons as much as everyone else. And yeah I know today's stuff mostly sucks (some exceptions like Adventure Time are pretty good). I can't seem to find any channels that show classic cartoons and 90's cartoons besides boomerang. I want to become a cartoonist but Im not funny, cant draw, and cant make a good plot. I want to know just what is a good cartoon. I want to make something that appeals to everyone. But everyone I know likes Anime. I can't find an anwser. All I find is "Why does everybody hate Anime" which is a lie. I want to know how to make a good cartoon like in the old days. Any suggestions

This article seems a bit biased against Disney because not all of the movies are as black and white about their contents as this article makes it seem. Sure they are kids watching these movies, but the kids arent complete morons either.

Questions for new users : To those who work at walt disney world or that have recentley gone there....?
The answer is- Do you know where i can find pictures of the women who play the cinderella, sleeping beauty, belle,snow white, ariel, etc characters at walt disney world. I went recentley to Magic Kingdom but i did't see ariel or aurora (you know, the women who plays her) and i want a picture of them. i also went on the internet but all i got was old picures of them and now there has to be different girls and cast members. Thank you.

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