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After succeeding with the multi-park, multi-hotel business model at Walt Disney World in Florida, Disney decided to apply the same business model in Anaheim and acquired large parcels of land adjacent to Disneyland. This included purchasing the Disneyland Hotel from the Wrather company as well as the Pan Pacific Hotel from its Japanese owners; Disney re-branded the latter as the Disneyland Pacific Hotel. After its first publicly known proposal for a second theme park in Anaheim was scrapped, construction began in 1998 on a theme park called Disney California Adventure Park ; a hotel called Disneys Grand Californian Hotel ; a renovation, renaming, and re-theming of the Disneyland Pacific Hotel as the Disneys Paradise Pier Hotel ; and an admission-free shopping and dining area called Downtown Disney. During the expansion, the name Disneyland Resort was coined to refer to the entire Disney complex, while Disneyland Park was coined to refer to the original theme park.

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Disney Cruise line prices are cracy. Roughly 800 for the first two adults and then it tapers off howvver for what you spend on disney cruise line you can take a 7 day cruise or fly to hawaii. I mean really? How many more families and how much more money disney would make if they were more affordable. Airfare is through the roof. This is the only place a kid can be a kid and even some adults yet the brains of the company dont seem to get that you get more bees with honey than you do vinegar.

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The answer: Is it to wired/kiddish to have your 21st birthday theme be disney. My cousin loves disney and she was thinking on having a birthday party that has to do with disney. She was thinking that it could be a costume party. All her guest can come dress as their favorite disney character. She still plans on having a DJ and drinks. She was wondering if that would be wired. Is it a good idea? I kind of like it, but I don't know. Please help and thanks*You have any other ideas.

As part of a competition run by Disney for 2010, Walt Disney World Resort has an unofficial twinning sister city with Swindon, England, since 2009.

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