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Questions for new users : Who will win the Academy Award 4 Short Film (Animated)?
The answer is: The nominees are..."La Maison En Petits Cubes""Lavatory - Lovestory""Oktapodi""Presto""This Way Up""Lavatory - Lovestory" - I have found it, presumably all 9 mins & 39 secs of it. Kinda a simple black & white "Fido Dido" cartoon w/ "Family Guy" eyes & u only c colours in the flowers. Spectacular Russian-made film w/ beautiful endin'."Oktapodi" - I thought I was lookin' @ the trailer, but according 2 Wikipedia, the movie is that short - 2:27. Another love story amongst two mollusks set in Greece or something. It has the wit & charm of a Disney or Looney Tunes cartoon but also the 3D animation, illustrations, & music sophistic8d enough 2 b a Oscar nominee. Another splendid work of cinematic art. (Spoiler ahead.) When the C-gull snatched 1 octopus & the other one launched itself from the clothesline, I found that hard 2 believe it was "The End.""Presto" - Uh oh. What timin' that I went from that description in "Oktapodi" 2 a Disney/Pixar short cartoon. Walt Disney may steal the show if this may win the Oscar along w/ "Wall-E," which apparently I can c on the "Wall-E" DVD & not have 2 watch it on YouTube. But u gotta give "Presto" credit. State of the art animation w/ brilliant artwork & that old fashioned cartoon charm & comedy. & I'm pretty sure that doesn't look 2 much like the Trix rabbi so General Mill's attorneys can rest EZ. A good cartoon short, but I don't think a Oscar is necessary."La Maison en Petits Cubes" - There's only the trailer on YouTube. No review."This Way Up" - Same thing- just the trailer. According to the YouTube comments, you can download the whole film on iTunes. Thought about it, but I'm not that interested. No review.So which cartoon did you like? I take it u guys that saw "Wall-E" saw "Presto," 2? Who watched "This Way Up" or "La Maison En Petits Cubes"? The 81st Oscars take place February 22 on ABC.

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Frequently asked questions : If you could remove any person in music history who would it be?
We think that- for me it would be Walt disney i wouldnt get to see the lion king but it would be worth it not to have to listen to miley cyrus hannah montana and the jonas bros!

Frequently asked questions - What was your favorite Disney Channel made for TV movie?
The answer: Mine was Tru Confessions with Shia Lebauf (so?)

Frequently asked questions - What is your favorite disney movies song(s)??????
The answer- for an example i just can't wait to be king.

Disneyland Paris Hotels are well known for their thematic decorations, elegant facade, and world class accommodations and amenities. There are several well recommended Disneyland Paris hotels, which a lot of tourists visiting the place find to be very accommodating and comfortable in terms of hotel services and facilities.

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