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As for the new songs it s everyone s guess where they are placed and if they push the story forward. Here s my 2 cents. A Million Miles Away could take place when Aladdin is fighting his back to Agrabah after he is send to the ends of the earth. I imagine there s room to expand there give Al more obstacles to overcome before the reaches Carpet. Somebody s Got Your Back could be a bonding song between Aladdin and Genie after A Friend Like Me and before Prince Ali. Or perhaps it s further up in the show. It s complex without knowing how the story is structured now. A Royal Wedding makes me believe the AWNW reprise is expanded to a full song near the end of the show although in the Disney film musical adoptions I ve seen it s common to reprise the main theme song of the show. And there s the question if Jasmine has a decent song of her own other than that bitchy Call Me A Princess like the Disneyland California show To Be Free. That s a nice song but I never really like it that much.

Questions for new users : I feel bad...I was nasty to my boyfriend. What do you think? :*(?
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People often ask - Should I hang out with...?
Here is the answer: I have friends but 3 of them are going to someplace, At different times. I want to hang-out with my bestie, but she's going to Washington d.c. My other friend,who's a guy, is going to Disneyland. I feel like if its going to be awkward because I really don't hang-out with them. Btw, his other friends don't like me. I have other friends, but I only hang-out with them with my bestie. They're nice & I've only known them for a short while. I can trust them & they are really cool. Idk who I should hang-out with. What do you think? Thanks, in advance.

Questions for new users - Is this normal for my sisters or am I just overreacting?
Here is the answer- My sister is 13 now. Ever since about a year ago, after watching a rated R movie, it scarred her for life.I know that it happens to all kids but ever since then, she's changed. Now, she refuses to watch anything in the PG-13 rating, even if the worst thing is a few cuss words. The only time she'll accept it is when she's watching PG-13 movies that she's already watched before like Transformers. But now, all she seems to want to watch are cartoons and crappy kids movies (the kind that toddlers seem to love and adults seem to think are just plain stupid (ex. Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium or whatever).Whenever me and my family have a movie night, she refuses to watch with us unless its something rate PG, G, or something that she's picked. Now, whenever I watch any of my favorite shows, she says its 'bad'. Like little kids shouldn't watch it bad. She criticizes everything I do and has a hissy fit whenever things don't go her way.I'm afraid that she's gonna stay this way for a long time. She seems to be scared of going anywhere around our house by herself. Now, it's beginning to rub off on my other sister. They refuse to shower upstairs unless they know that someone else is with them on the second floor. They are even sleeping in the same room together (even though they both have seperate rooms) because they're afraid of nearly everything. And since we moved to our new town, all they do is watch TV or go on the computer (they almost never get invited to friends houses. the PG-13 sister doesn't even want to celebrate Halloween anymore)Maybe I am overreacting or maybe this just isn't how my sisters are supposed to be acting now. I mean, I might be different (I started sleeping by myself when I was like 8) but I still get scared of the dark every once in a while. What can I do to make them trust me when I tell them that a movie that we're watching isn't or its the kind of stuff that they'll be dealing with once they're in high school (and they need to learn to accept it)?

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