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Disney, owner of ABC, ESPN and the worlds biggest theme- park business, gained 40 cents to 32.51 today in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. The shares have lost 13 percent this year.

In response, French philosopher Michel Serres noted, It is not America that is invading us. It is we who adore it, who adopt its fashions and above all, its words. Euro Disney s then-chairman Robert Fitzpatrick responded, We didnÁt come in and say, weÁre going to put a beret and a baguette on Mickey Mouse. We are who we are.

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I have had 100% success rate at splitting our Disneyland hopper passes and boy does it save money! I used Craigslist and the BPN to advertise. Altough a little unsure of Craigslist I did end up splitting the passes through Craigslist. In both cases I purchased the passes and the other family went first - we traded the tickets back upon their return then our family went. I was paid cash for their half and felt very comfortable they would return with the remaining days. I divided the pass by however many days and let the other people know how much per person, per day was their share. The first time we split the hoppers and decided not to use the last day of the passes I sold them at the entrance - no problems. There was no name or signature on the passes. We always purchase through AAA, comes with free parking, early entry etc. diane

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