City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Disneyland daily schedule, Disney land train.

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From Leroy Koevoets: Do you think Disneyland Paris deserves the name: Best themepark in Europe? Have you ever been there? What is your experience and opinion about the park. Which other park is better in some categories.

Many people are interested - What's your favorite Disney movie?
We think that- Old time Disney, like Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Snow White etc...

Frequently asked questions - So what would you classify me as?
We think that- Well lets ultimately talk about what I knew I was going to talk about which is me. What pisses me off the most is me. Not in an explosive ARGH!! I'm gonna kill you angry. But more of a melancholy disappointment anger. The kind of anger you get when you see a picture of yourself when you were fat. Kind of like how it brings up a painful memory that hurts so much that you wish that you could wipe everyone's mind from that time period. You know it was your fault too but everyone gives you that reassurance that you never did anything, when you know you did. Why do I piss myself off? Well because I'm just such a social failure.I mean I made great strides, I talk to people now, I take opportunities, and I try to make myself look presentable. However that's not good enough ya know? It's not who I am, or who I want to be at least. I always visioned myself a rogue character, a mischievous thief that everyone loved or hated. However I got stuck with the image of the intellectual prick who never seems to be wrong (Arrogant, yep). Why this image? I mean it's not exactly very pleasing. It seems like if I keep down this road I'll try, fail, then wind up being a paper pusher for a paper company. Yeah that's it behind a gray cubicle and the only enjoyment I get out of my everyday is when the receptionist looks at me. Wooo!! Lucky me eh? Pre ordained to be doomed to a life of mediocrity. Yeah that's the ticket. However I mean I have potential, but potential for what? I just don't get it what does potential mean? Is it measured in gold? Nah if it was I'd make Bill Gates look like MC Hammer.Then there's the whole side of me who just hates happiness. Why? I mean seriously why are people oh so happy? Why are people so pleased all the time? Why do the have to dull the boringness of society with some kind of fake me out happiness? Like Disney for instant, no ******* way any of those kids are happy like that **** you Walt Disney and your mega conglomerate bitches. Give me a break all we want is Miley Cyrus to get preggo, one of the Jonas Brothers to be gay, and the other two with drug addictions. Yep we want them to fail just like the rest of us failing slobs. We want Obama to fail, just like we wanted Bush to fail. We want the economy to fail just like this humor fails. That's my deep speech that no one ever said before failure. It's the quintessential life changer failure. The more we realize we're prone to failure the more likely we can succeed. No one buys that "I'm a successful guy" Death of a Salesman ****. That was so 1950s. Welcome to the new millennium of failure. Yeah we suck but we rock at sucking. Just ask Nacy Davis.

Popular questions : Any suggestions for my "Spider-Man vs. Predator" crossover fanfiction?
We think that: (NOTE: This is just for fun. Please don't go on a rant how I'm probably not a real writer/fanfiction sucks or whatever...)I recently read the comic series Batman vs. Predator and so I thought Spider-Man vs. Predator would be cool also. There has been lots of talk and fanart about the concept on the internet so I thought I'd take a crack at make a story out of it.Basically, a Predator would go hunting in New York City (similar to the Predator hunting in Los Angeles in Predator 2), slaying both cops and criminals alike. After crossing paths with Spider-Man, the Predator targets him as its next prey. So then it's up to Peter to stop the alien and end its killing spree.Another thing I thought to include was Kraven the Hunter in the story.... I though he should be a central character in the story and he and the Predator both end up hunting one another for the title of Greatest Hunter.I'm not the biggest Spider-Man fan: I've only seen the movies, the cartoon and played some of the video games... I'm not a big follower of the comics or anything. Having said that, does anyone have any suggestions for what could probably help spice up the plot of my story?

Wii Reviews Dec 3, 2010 Disneys beloved and timeless mascot hasnt had his own solo game outing in half a decade, so when I learned that Deus Ex designer Warren Spector was at the helm for Epic Mickey, I nearly soiled my britches. Several standout games from my adolescence, like Mickey Mousecapades and Castle of Illusion, starred the mouse with the most - - and even though I havent played a Mickey Mouse game in over a decade, I still associate the name with quality action gaming. So, what could go wrong under the creative vision of such a storied game designer and true Disney fan like Warren Spector on task? Surprisingly, the answer is: a lot. Read More

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