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The answer is- Iv loved my art all my life and always wanted to animate it but don't know how .Any tips,programs or info to get me started???I got into animation collage but had to turn it down because of lack of funds so as you can imagine i was gutted so any help would be amazing thanks

Many people ask - What is your favorite disney classic movie ?
The answer: THE LION KING. No other Disney movie weaved a tale with such interesting, mature dynamics. The characters we're so well-developed, and interesting too. It's a coming-of-age movie featuring love, death, birth, redemption, and just everything. Why else is it an animated Disney movie (mainly for kids) featuring wild animals? In the real world, the **** that happens in The Lion King would just be too intense.

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hi i am a single mum of a 4 year old. he is going through some insecurities just realized he doesnt have a dad-my husband left when i was pregnant anyway i promised him a trip to disneyland. i was thinking of going by car from albany since the fares are so expensive but everyone thinks im crazy. any ideas on stopovers on route or where to stay on route to break the journey? i believe its about 6-7 hours and i feel i can do it, but ive lost my confidence a bit now, in case something goes wrong. single mum

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