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Frequently asked questions - Delta Airlines, do u recommed it?
Here is the answer- i'm leaving from Dubai to USA for disneyland this summer, my agency suggested Delta Airlines, is it good?and if you have any other options, let me know!!??

The main topic at the studio by the staff during different time periods was Walts bizarre behavior- he would not be available until late afternoon, when he would emerge from the studios subterranean maze of tunnels, where supposedly he was chatting with the maintenance engineers everyday. The value of his estate when he died was 35 million dollars of which Lillian his wife inherited half. In his later years, when Disney took a vacation he went to Paris for 3 weeks, and 3 weeks at the Hotel du Cap, in Antibes, and then cruised on Fritz Loews yacht with Ron and Diane Disney. In England, Walt spent time with the British Royal family and met privately with masonic prophet Wells. In Rome, Walt visited privately with the Pope and the dictator Mussolini. In 1966, Walt Disney died. Prior to his

Popular questions : Poll: Disney movies............???????
The answer- I just watched a bunch of Disney animated movies....How Great are they?????? I LOVE Finding Nemo, Incredibles, and Lion King 1and 2. What are ur favorite animated Disney Movies???/ I'm just curious...

Many people are interested : I seriously can't draw cartoons. Can anyone make some suggestions?
The answer is- I've been trying to learn how to draw cartoons but I just can't get proportions right. It always looks off. Are there any tips to help draw perfect lineart? Or is it possible that there is a cartoon style that is a little more systematic? I'm starting to think I don't have a natural ability to do this.

Many people are interested - Southern Cal members: What would a 5 year old enjoy more: Knott's Berry Farm, Disneyland or Universal Studios?
We think that: If you could take a five year old to only one, which one wold you pick? My concern is that a lot of the theme parks tend to be oriented toward the 12 - 17 year old bunch.I think my 5 year old twins would like either of when they are 7 or 8 years old, but a lot of the rides and attractions are not suitable for them at the age of 5.So help me out... Where do you think a 5 year old would have the most fun on a day trip?

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Many people ask : Should i visit Disneyland while in Tokyo?
We think that- Im staying in Tokyo for 7 nights in march,we don't have a Disneyland here in Australia so iv never seen a large amusement park like this before,would it be worth taking a day or two to visit Disneyland? ill be traveling alone and id like to know if its fun for adults?if you have anything else you think i need to visit in Tokyo id love to know! thanks

As part of this long-term alliance agreement, golf legend Arnold Palmer and his golf course design team will be actively engaged in implementing strategic and innovative design features to several of the golf courses. Future enhancements include plans for a full renovation of Disneys Palm under his direction to become an Arnold Palmer designed course.

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Mickey Mouse - The Barn Dance (1929)

Starring Pluto & Fifi - Intro, Intervals & Closing

Mickey Mouse Club: Talent Round-up Day Intro (Season 1)

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