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Frequently asked questions - What is your all time favorite disney movie?
We think that: Mine is the princess diaries, cinderella, and the lion king 2!! :Dwburs?

Many people ask : What's your favorite: 2 Horror-2 comedy - 2 Disney movies?
The answer- Just want to see more movies, and interested in what everyone else likes, to see which ones i haven't seen yet.Thanks!

Frequently asked questions : Who's your favorite disney character. Why?
We think that: Goofy.You can't go wrong with the classics!All of those old toons where he was the "average joe" learning to ski,drive,exercise,lose weight, etc., etc. Those were truly classic and enjoyable family watching back in the day.Goofy all the way!

Disneyland is the park that started it all. Walt Disneys first theme park is still the crown jewel in the Disney empire and the reasons to go are many: its fun, clean and magical and is the perfect setting for family outings, romantic getaways and everything that falls between. Disneyland is the stuff that dreams are made of, play this card wisely!

Avoid character breakfasts. The Disney theme parks are at their least crowded for the first 1-to-2 hours after park opening. It makes more sense to enjoy the parks at their least crowded and then do a character lunch or dinner when youre ready for a break and ready to get out of the heat and crowds. If you must do a breakfast, try to get the last possible seating and treat it like a brunch.

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