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Again the motive was not to serve God, but to make sure the Disney reputation remained untarnished. With the power of the establishment media behind Disney, Walt had nothing to worry about, news about the nude drawing classes and their detailed drawings never reached the light of day. Behind such strict fronts of legalistic morals, cleanliness soberness, you will often find lots of guilt and high level satanic ritual. For instance, Hitler who was by the way also a failed artist who liked mechanical things more than people obsessively washed his hands many times a day out of guilt, and so did Walt Disney. Walt obsessively washed his hands several times an hour, every hour. Walt liked animals his trains more than people. This author has seen some alters who were forced to take another humans life, and when they relived the memory, the alters then tried to physically wash the blood guilt off of their hands. Another example is that over the years this author has discovered that many of the exclusive restaurants that are meticulous in every detail are tied in with the mind-control and criminal activities of the elite. Dirty money is keeping the places looking sparkling clean.

Many people are interested - How come they dont make cartoon movies anymore?
We think that- How come they dont make cartoon movies anymore? Everything is in 3D now. I would like to know if they still do because i really like the cartoons. because its what i grew up with. like the lion king and stuff like that.

Frequently asked questions : How to make animated drawings?
The answer: Remember those old books where you flip the pages fast and you see a cartoon and its doing actions, how do you do that?

Disney said the deal is worth 563.2 million to Playdom s shareholders, with up to 200 million more if Playdom reaches certain performance-based goals. Playdom has about 42 million active players per month.

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