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People often ask - Who was the most influential person in walt disney's life and why?
The answer is- I just saw a show on History channel about this.Henry Ford was the most influential person in Disney's life because Disney applied the assembly-line process when he started to make cartoons. You know how many individual drawing are used, well Disney had artists focus on one aspect of the drawing and then other artists focused on other aspects. That way Disney could produce more cartoons more efficiently.

These classic non-animated Disney movies arent played on TV too often, however many are still available on VHS and DVD. Here are 7 classic non-animated Disney movies.

Frequently asked questions - Whats your favourite name?
We think that: From TVBoy:Girl:From Movies?Boy:Girl:From a book?Boy:Girl:Name you love but wouldnt be gutsy enought to use?Boy:Girl:Names your planning to name your children?Boy:Girl:Name from the 80's?Boy:Girl:Name from a disney movie?Boy:Girl:Sorry Im bored! you dont have to answer all the questions

First of all, I totally agree about Disney, and how there s that juxtaposition douchey big word alert! between the Disney dream and the reality of it all. And it s like, even if you try to be A Sensible Adult and give up on the Disney dream, there s always that voice in the back of your head going but maybe the dream is possible in a less idealistic way and by giving up on it I m going to end up miserable. I dunno, I m hardly a seasoned relationshipper myself, so what do I know, but I think you just have to find someone stable and loving and that s the priority, but if the ability to sometimes indulge in slightly silly Disney moments even though you KNOW they re kinda silly is something you need, then I guess you have to make that a pre-requisite for whoever you choose.

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