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Yes, you read that number correctly! At least 100 lanes of bowling and according to this article that could make this the biggest bowling stadium in the country, and when the lanes aren t being used for the competition, they will be open for all us regular folks to go play on. Disney has only said that an unnamed company will build and operate the 160, 000 square-foot center. They expect it to be open by early 2010.

Many people ask - What are your Disney Favorites ?
The answer- Favorite Disney Boy(nonanimal)?Favorite Disney Girl(nonanimal)?Favorite Disney Animal?Favorite Disney Movie?Favorite Disney Ride?Favorite Disney Park?Favorite Disney Song?Favorite Disney quote? ( from walt,songs,movies,etc.)I have too many to choose :]

Frequently asked questions - What's your FAVORITE Disney movie?
Here is the answer- i would have to say mine is the little mermaid. im 23 and i still love watching it : ] brings me back to childhood. so whats yours?

February 2, 2010 - - Walt Disney movies at that sells 132 dvds and 153DVDS, 150DVDS, 164DVDS, 172DVDS, Best picture quality with collectorÁs box and Disney bag which make it a great choice to enjoy all Disney cartoon or send as a Christmas gift.

stage. Critics see Disney as a cultural bully pushing its own brand of entertainment and forcing out indigenous forms. There

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