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Frequently asked questions - Urgent. Sorry if this is long but I desperately need help?
The answer is: My speech is today and I am not sure if my grammar is correct. This is the body of my work.He visited Disneyland twice with his family. He rode all the rides, explored some shops and watched the fireworks at night. The Disney music he hears reminds his happy childhood. Travis even dreamed to be an employee of Animal Kingdom! However, his favorite attraction was Michael Jacksonís Captain EO. He even wants Pixar to create an animated Michael Jackson as a tribute. For Travis, Disneyland will always be his second home. No matter how old you are, you can still have fun. The best thing is when he rode the Roller Coaster- Splash Mountain that has a pretty steep and scary drop. Riding the roller coaster gave him the biggest thrill of his life. The getting-wet part is good for cooling off on a hot day. For Travis, the primary colors of traditional Legos that were displayed at the large entry Plaza, is an excellent photo opportunity for the family in front of the large Legoland, California sign. His parents loved the Miniland, U.S.A. section of the park, where over 20 million Lego bricks were assembled to build replicas of the world. There is also a boat that takes you on a tour of Legos.When Travis graduated from middle school, his parents gave him a German Shepherd. He called the dog Simba, because again, Lion King is one of his favorite movies of all-time. He told me that Simba unlike other K9 dogs is quiet like him, so Travis liked his dog more. In fact, Simba sleeps with him. One day, Simba left Travisí house while sleeping. Travis is so worried that the dog might be killed by unknown strangers, so he posted posters. But no one responded them for days. He got very depressed as if it was the death in the family. At that point, Travis realized that he would give up anything just to have his constant companion back. Travis and Simba had a very strong bond with each other. He said they can feel each otherís mood. Travis lost Simba for a week and he never experienced a more serious sense of emptiness. A week later, Simba came back and Travis was elated. Because Travis does not really think merely as an owner of his pets- it is more like, they belong with each other.

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The answer is: So my birthday is coming up. I will be a quarter of a Century!! I might possibly go to disneyland with my boyfriend.We enjoy going there and actually have been there the past two years..lolanyways this is more of a survey question!!Do you think I should go to disneyland, or if not any other suggestions?? Thanks

Disneyland Pressed Pennies, Disney pressed pennies or Disney elongated coins as numismatists call them, were first offered by Disney in 1987. Their arrival at The Original Disneyland Park, marked the introduction of the first ever Disney souvenir stretched penny press machines to the first ever Disney pressed penny collectors and a wonderful hobby was born. Over the following twenty plus years, those two initial single-play electric pressed penny smasher machines grew into hundreds of souvenir Disney pressed penny coin machines greeting millions of guests at The Original Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, The Walt Disney Word Resort, Florida, The Tokyo Disneyland Resort, Japan, The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, China, and The Disneyland Resort Paris, France Euro Disney. For us, the fun of collecting and sharing the hobby has grown just as fast, thanks to your visits to ParkPennies. com.

I grew up at Disneyland in the early days when it first opened and all through my childhood. This DVD is a real treasure of nostalgia for anyone who loves Disneyland and Read more

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The answer: I have 3 and it's like living in a Disney all the time!

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