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Disneyland itself was more full of over rated, extremely over priced restaurants and souvenier shops, expect to pay at least 25 for a normal steak and chips excluding drinks. 8 for a hotdog and a drink. I saw a childs princess dress for 60 in one of the souvenier shops.

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This just in! I received a new teaser image for Walt Disney World Pro today, along with a few new details. Apparently the app will feature over 600 original photos taken by the TimeStream Software staff. Most of these photos will be original to this new app, and there will be multiple large photos per attraction.

Comments: Lauras report is a wonderfully written description of a weekend foray to Disneyland Paris. The Chapmans stayed at Sequoia Lodge during their trip. Lauras descriptions of the couples time in the park just whets the appetite to jump on a Concorde.

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Tronorail (Tron + monorail) debuts at Walt Disney World in Epcot

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