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Frequently asked questions : Silhouettes at Disneyland? this is a question for anyone who has gotten a silhouette from disneyland?
Here is the answer: how much does it cost to get one silhouette but 2 frames for the left and right side? so basically how much would it cost in all to have one silhouette but buy 2 frames? second, how much would it cost to get 2 silhouettes done plus 2 frames?? please let me know if you really know?!?!?

Originally when Mickey Mouse was released, Minnie did not have a name yet, but her dress and costume was in the fashion of a flapper girl which was in the 1920s more than just fashion, but also almost a movement, where young women would wear short skirts, wear bobbed hair and mostly danced and listened to Jazz music. They were also initially thought to wear excessive makeup, were too casual with their views on sex, smoked and generally acted in a way that was frowned upon. So for Walt Disney to have the Minnie Mouse Costume in the form of a flapper girl must have been a gamble at the time, but now because of that I think that is what makes the Minnie Mouse costume one of the most popular Disney costumes out there. For more on the Minnie Mouse Costume check out this post.

Frequently asked questions : What is your favorite disney or piczar world wide movie?
The answer is: Mine would probably be prince of persia : sands of time. How about yours?

Many people are interested : How old are the boondocks characters in season 3?
The answer: I'm still confused about these characters' ages. It was just out of curiousity...Since it states Huey was 10 and Riley was 8 in the first season in reality and cartoon's time of 2005,and that winter passed by (A Huey Freeman Christmas) making it the year 2006 (stated on Jazmine's contract in "The Block is Hot) and not to mention that on the first episode of season 3, the date was 2008. Does that make them 1 or 2 years older than in the first season?

Yes, the image of Disney has been that its cartoons are wholesome. No wonder Illuminati mind-control programmers have laughed at how naive the American public is toward Disney. The Disney Gargoyles cartoons are a television series that is pure demonology. The story line is that a race of demons protects New York City. One of the Gargoyles is even named Demona.

Frequently asked questions - Pen and Ink tips...Comics/Manga...Help?
We think that- I draw comics and cartoons, and I need to use rulers to make straight lines for my backgrounds and objects, but when I use my dip pens and move the ruler out of the way, the ink on the line swishes across the paper leaving a mess, it only doesnt do this when it dries, but it takes some time to letting the ink dry which makes me become impatient with my backgrounds, I have to stall on every little line just for it to dry, and it becomes irritating after a while, any solutions?...Or is that how its suppose to be using rulers and dip pens? Do I just have to accept the time it will take for my lines to dry?....

Frequently asked questions - What is a good nickname for my friend?
The answer: im a vegan and kinda a hippy and i constantly get made fun of for it by my friend. i need a good nickname for him. i probably most likely wanna give him a name dealing with something about meat :) my nickname is hippie it can be hippy names too! whatever works i just need some suggestion...thanks guys!!oh and he also likes disney movies and his favorites are fox and the hound and lion king. and his favorite song is boom boom pow

For the younger audience in general ages 3-10, there are a plethora of rides that the young ones can experience. Generally, these rides have the most Disney characters either in their ride s theming or actual character meet-and-greet locations around the rides and attractions. At the Disneyland Park, some of the best Disneyland Paris rides are located here. One of which is Peter Pan s Flight which is located in Fantasyland, which is just one of six differently themed areas of the theme park. Peter Pan s Flight takes you on a magical and fast moving adventure through the world that is Peter Pan, dodging the infamous Captain Hook and his crew of pirates. Also for the kids and located in Fantasyland is the Mad Hatter s Tea Cups. This fun and exciting ride puts a group of 5 in a spinning tea cups with fellow park goers and spins in a circle for roughly 3-4 minutes. The faster you turn the wheel in the center, the faster you spin!

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NEW Haunted Mansion interactive queue at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

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