City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Disneyland theme park locations, Disney land hotels orlando.

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Questions for new users : What is your favorite Disney movie?
Here is the answer- I love Lady & the Tramp (both), the Arisocrats and Lion KingMy favourite is Bambi- that poor little deer, he runs to his mothers' den and turns around expecting to see his mum but she is nowhere to be seen....Imao i sound like such a little wimp!!

Frequently asked questions - How do I tell him he sucks at drawing?
Here is the answer- Ok so my friend wants to make his own manga when he's older. Theirs just one problem he's no where close to being able to draw manga or anime. He's on ok drawer but it cant even be compared to cartoon drawing. Anyways how do I tell him he wont even make it to Japan with drawings like that with out being mean and having to face another one of his insults.Ok I think the real problem would be the teachers their encouraging him to the point where his ignorance shows 24/7 Ok so he calls him self an ultimate anime fan yet he's barley seen 24 different animes including movies and seasons. I've seen over 80 and tthat's not including the movies and seasons and I don't even like to call my self an Otaku even though I can be considered one. Oh and of course he has the nerve to insult me by saying oh well if you cant pronounce a japanese name right your not an otaku, I mean so what if I cant get one name right hell some times I space out so bad I forget my own name..........but seriously before he met me he didn't even know that word existed.Ok so what I want to tell him is: Sebastian your almost 16 and yet you seem to still be lost in your childhood fantasies. It's time to get off your high horse and back down to reality like the rest of us. Your no where close to being able to even draw manga or anime and your not even close enough to draw cartoons. Sorry to say but you'd better start looking for a new career choice because if you go to Japan with those drawing skills your going to be rejected and laughed at and end up dead in a ditch because you couldn't get a job their and couldn't go home because you wont have enough money.Ok im not trying being mean yet the only reason I want to tell him is because he's insulting me and other people and it's getting to the point to where im going to smash his face off the wall. So if your not going to tell me how to break the news to him with out being rude go waste some one else's time im not here for any lectures.Not trying to be rude but I really don't want to get my *** kicked from class on monday for introducing his face to the wall. (I don't have anger management issues, you'd feel the same way if u met him) Also I know some of you will say he's not worth my time but if I don't talk to him i'll get scolded by my teachers for being rude. For some reason they think encouraging his stuck up attitude is going to help him in life.

Im a unique Disney fan. I can enjoy everything I read and view, but I can also be critical of the quality and content. It seems some of the Disney fans cannot do that. So here goes.

Frequently asked questions : What your favorite Disney Movie?
The answer is- Toy Story 1, 2, 3. Hands down.

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