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Questions for new users : So... help me plan my b-day party, plz plz plz!?
We think that- I'm turning 15.... but I'm going to be away for the b-day, so we are having it early.We are renting the movie room at our country club, and I am planning on inviting my friends, both male and female...I'm inviting 7 of my frinds, and my bfdoes that sound like enough? those are my closest friends. And also, once the movie (The Illusionist- my favorite!) is done, what else shoud we do? Should we go swimming in the pool- that might be fun. And what about the cake? Cookie cake or ice cream cake! I can't decide!And me and my bf are going to disney- should we go the weekend b4 the party, or the weekend afterwards?HELP!!!!

Words cannot describe how much I love this movie. The story and plot is lovely. All of the characters are awesome and I am so happy a happy ending was given to Disneys Read more

In short, what the Hotel set out to do in 1955 was to live up to the Disneyland name: to provide each guest with a unique experience in pleasure.

I dropped by the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco last year and it was one of the most well curated and delightful museums I ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. The museum achieves its aims of documenting Disney s vast achievements and then some. The reality though is that most teenagers will never visit the museum. To address the rampant distortions about Walt, the Disney family and company must expand their on-line presence and make an effort to combat the inaccuracies with relevant information about Walt Disney s life, history and legacy.

Popular questions - Question for waiters and waitresses at Disney World or Disneyland?
The answer is: I have a Tables in Wonderland dining discount card (used to be called Disney Dining Experience, but not to be confused with the Disney Dining Plan). I use this card to get a 20% discount at participating restaurants. I have noticed that waiters/waitresses/bar tenders seem to give off a negative vibe when you use the card. Example, everything is fine, they bring you the the check and you hand them your credit card, everything is still fine, then you say I have a "Tables in Wonderland" card and then they you can just see their disposition change. At first I thought it was just me, but my friends who were dining with me noticed it also. My question is this, does that discount card take away from their tips or something? What is with the long face when you use a "Tables in Wonderland" card? Do they stereotype you and assume if you purchased the card that you must be the type of customer who doesn't tip? It makes no sense and I tip 30% or higher on every visit. I think there is a stereotype associated with the "discount card" where they assume if you care about saving money (which is why you bought the card), that you must also feel you can save money by not tipping. Would like to get some feedback from anyone working at Disney World or Disneyland because there has to be a reason they seem "indifferent" towards this card.Just to proof a point to myself and my friends, we tried dining and not using the card and you can definitely tell a difference. You get the usual, thanks and have a nice night and the staff generally seems more friendly and seem to expect a good tip. However, when using that discount card, you get the monotone "have a nice night" with very little enthusiasm in their voice (kind of like they know this is a table that they just wasted time on and they probably won't leave a tip or leave a crapy one).Oh, I asked this question here because I am vegan.

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