City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Disneyland tickets phone, Buy disney cruise.

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If you can afford it, buy Disney tickets with extra days and get the no expiration date. This way, you can save your unused Disney World days for another trip and perhaps save yourself some money if the cost of tickets continues to go up.

Frequently asked questions - What is your favourite Walt Disney movie?
The answer- mine was and still is Lion King

Many people ask - Who makes Life-Size Pirate Statues?
The answer is: There are these Pirate Statues that you see down in places like Grand Cayman, Walt Disney World, Key West, In the Caribbean like St. Thomas, and The Cayman Islands and Florida in general, at the Coast of North Carolina, Virginia, There's one at The New England Pirates museum in Salem Witches Massachusetts, out in California, and in Elsewhere. They hang around seafood bars, and are museum quality, pizza parlors, mini-golf courses, boat rentals, jetski rental shops, surf shops, sometimes at Nautical beach houses, on marinas, hotels, in historical towns airports and at tourist attractions. The question is, who makes them?

Popular questions : Is this a good start to a story?
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