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Questions for new users : 10 yr old book? *read on*?
We think that: I have to do a book project, i'm 10 years old btw. I need a book in the children's "Who was" series (example: Who was Elvis Presley? (i dont want to do that one btw, lol.) I need any one besides Walt Disney, Amelia Airhart, and Abraham Lincoln. (im a girl btw) If you had any suggestions, i hope you would answer by like 15 min cuz i gotta go get a book rite after. lol it's due tomorrow, (the book choice, not the project)

Popular questions - Which Disneyland resort hotel is the best buy?
The answer is- I know that the Grand Californian is the most money, and Paradise Peir is least expensive, with the Disneyland Hotel falling in the middle. But if you have stayed at more than one, is it worth paying more money for the others? We are only going to be there 2 nights, but I am not sure how to go about selecting a hotel. We have stayed at the budget hotels before, which I enjoy, but this is a special trip for my daughters b-day. If you can comment on the use of the monorail to get into the park vs walking and the distance of the monorail from the parks, that would be very helpful. Thanks so much.

Since the Walt Disney Company has never compiled a complete list of all the known or deliberate Imagineer- or Cast Member-created Mickeys, there is no way to confirm or disprove every single Mickey sighting, but here are some guidelines to use when searching:

Popular questions - What is your favorite dog movie?
Here is the answer- Do you have a dog movie that is dear to your heart or unforgettable for some reason? Being a Doberman fan, I greatly enjoyed watching The Doberman Gang and can never forget the one dog in the group that kept not quite making the leaps and jumps as well as the others did, and what a clever idea for a Disney movie and a robbery it was, even though it wouldn't work in real life! What is your favorite, and why?

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We think that: I've been doing some research.At Walt Disney World, they provide housing (a fully stocked apartment) with all utilities paid for $80 to $110 a week- employee discounts on food and merchandise- free admission to park with an ID- terrific job experience, etc. The only downsides I can see to it are that for full-time employees, you are expected to work anywhere from 30 to 50 hours a week plus some weekends and holidays. Oh and the humidity but they can't really help that part. lol. And there's the people... So i guess working at Disney is good for those who like people and don't have...much of a life.Universal Studios, on the other hand, doesn't provide housing. It has insurance and liability, etc. and paid vacations, which the disney site didn't mention... I can't seem to find a lot of information on US.I want to work at WDW really badly, but a chunk of my brain is attempting to convince me of reality. DO they really work you to the bone JUST to provide the guests with 'the ultimate experience', or are the employers there people who actually care?I'm a Christian, so would I have the option of taking Sunday morning off for worship services? I know a lot of good people in Kissimme (spell check?) that could pick me up...I don't know. There are several ambiguous issues that aren't answered on the webpage that bug me.Info is appreciated.

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Dolls are every little girls favorite plaything. Nowadays there are so many to choose from! Find information about your favorite dolls including Barbie, Bratz, Disney Princess, Dora, Kelly, Furreal pets, my little pony, Straberry Shortcake, Neopets, Polly Pocket, Myscene, and much more here!

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