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Watching movies is my favorite time pass. I like to watch action, cartoon, horror, mystery and animation kind of movies. Also, I have seen a lot of Disney movies and here are some of my favorite: Lion King, Toy Story 3, Jungle Book, Tron Legacy, Tangled and Tarzan.

According to the book Walt Disney: A Biography by Barbara Ford, In spite of his skills, Ub remained the same shy, inarticulate, serious young man he had been when Walt first met him. He was extremely nervous around young women. Ubs personality made him a natural foil for confident Walts practical jokes. At Kansas City Film Ad Company, Walt would send Ub postcards signed with girls names, lock him in the washroom so that he had to hammer on the door to get out, and smuggle animals into his desk and locker. Ub never complained.

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