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This is my favorite Disney short among the list of Disney movies, because it concludes about how never to ignore or mistreat your friends, even when you are in love with somebody, all displayed in a very humorous way. In this short, Donald duck befriends a bee called Spike. Due to Spikes amazing talent, they start a huge successful business. However, the business collapses when Spike falls in love with a bee girl. This leads to fights between Spike and Donald, and eventually the end of their friendship. After many years, you see that Spike and Donald have grown old, Spikes wife keep is nagging him and throwing utensils at him, when he sees ol Donald and then being bugged by his wife, Spike and Donald become friends again, ignore the bee who is now a old woman and start walking together like in their good old days.

Frequently asked questions : Whose your favorite Disney charachter? What's your favorite Disney movie?
We think that- My husband and I are total Disney freaks. We had our honeymoon at Disney World. We have gone to Disney World just about every year since 2002. We aren't going this year because our home is on the market and we can't afford to go. BUT, we will be moving to FL and our home will be only an hour from Disney World. We're very excited about are our friends/family.

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We think that- I'm drawing a picture for a friend of mine, it's a digital picture. It it meant to be realistic in style, but has the typical cartoon black lines. But there is no cartoonish aspects other than the lines, his anatomy is completely in proportion. I'm colouring the picture by keeping the lineart on a separate layer over the shade and that layer over the flat colours. The shade is just black and white soft shading to form the shapes, create folds in shirts, contours in face, etc. The flat colours are just the most saturated colour that would fit him. The shade layer will be on multiply over the flat colours. I'll change the colours of some parts of the shade to match certain areas better.My problem is my friend's lips. He's a man, but has very pink and full lips. The flat colour layer makes his lips look extremely feminine. I want to go for being close to my friend's appearance, but I end up making him look much to effeminate.Are there any tips on how to go about shading/changing the flat colours to keep it looking like my friend without making him look feminine?I've considered and am trying make the transition between the lips and skin softer, to making them just straight separate blobs of colour. Should I try and make his lips darker or lighter?

Questions for new users - Your FAVORITE DISNEY movie??
Here is the answer: If you could go through EVERY and ANY disney movie out there...yes, High School Musical included, what would you choose??Sequels included as well.Anything from Pooh .... Mary Poppins... to Beauty and the Beast :] My personal fav.Let's make this a gigantically long answer page!!! COME ON EVERYONE!!! WHOOO!!!

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