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Frequently asked questions - What's going on here?
Here is the answer- I feel out of place. I'm constantly acting immature and silly around others, but I've always been the type that enjoys bringing laughter to others (I usually fail). I've never been the type to hold too many friends at a time. Most of them just seem to find me annoying, eventually tossing me aside. In school I was always withdrawn within my own world, watching and wondering what it would be like to popular and have a gross amount of friends.Sometimes I find myself irritating my soon to be wife, to the point in which she is ready to pull her hair out (it reminds me of how I used to behave as a child). It's almost as though I gain a bit of pleasure in irritating others, even though I can realize the hell I am putting them through, and I find that extremely bothersome. I find pleasure in watching childhood cartoons and slapstick humor, and that makes me feel out of place and frozen within the shoes of a child.My intelligence is always in question within the hidden confines of my mind. Incessantly asking myself, "How can I possibly not be on the verge of mental retardation, when all I tend to do is dwell in my own childhood world and appear so outwardly awkward and immature?"Sometimes I even find it difficult to watch television due to the fact that half the time, I have trouble keeping up with the conversation. Other times, I find it extremely tedious to engage in conversing with others because I tend to freeze up, lose my train of thought, and swallow my words, simultaneously. I've also noticed that it's difficult for me to decipher the meaning behind music, such as individual songs, but I have no trouble writing extremely abstract music. Am I overanalyzing things?Aspergers did cross my mind, but was ruled out by several doctors. I don't have a problem conversing with others whom I am comfortable around. Strangers on the other hand are an entirely different story. When confronted with meeting someone new, I tremble, sweat, and display horrible social anxiety symptoms.Bottom line is, I am tired of feeling so inadequate as a human being. I'm 24 years old, but inside I feel like an out of control child (repetitive I know). Do these problems plague anyone else my age? Do I seem like I am slow or in need of special assistance (I sometimes even believe that I am mildly retarded, plausible?)? I have conducted several IQ tests online, each one ranging from 118-121.If my IQ is so high, then how could I possibly act so immature? ADHD? Something else? IQ is my main concern. One more question, is it possible to posses a high IQ but only be interested in only a few subjects, while neglecting the others?

VERONICA Maldonado, a Brooklyn Eats scholarship winner, knows how to dream big. For starters, she wants to be an events planner, write a cookbook and run a hotel. Long range, she aspires to be the next Walt Disney. I want to have resorts and cruise ships, the 23-year-old student from East New York said. Next summer, shed like to return to Paris. A hospitality management major at New York City College of Technology, Maldonado did a three-week internship in June at lUniversit

Frequently asked questions : Poll: What's your favorite Disney movies?
We think that: Mine are Finding Nemo and The Lion King

The site quietly debuted in May, and is still a work in progress according to the sites homepage. The site was originally created to be a bridge to steer Disneys mainstream consumers from buying DVDs to purchasing Disney movies on the internet.

In 2008, combined Walt Disney World Resort theme park attendance reached over 51 million, with the Magic Kingdom alone drawing over 17 million visitors. Orlando Convention and Visitor Bureau

Beyond all of that is Disney s top-secret next generation technology. Reportedly, Disney is sinking over one billion dollars ! into this new technology which will completely change the way its guests experience a Disney World vacation. Disney is being more secretive than usual about the project, so very few details are known.

Popular questions : Can anyone translate this script into spanish for me?
The answer: Please do not use an online translator, my spanish teacher said that they're wrong and i'll get a bad grade.I have to make a cartoon and i wrote the script for it and I need it to be translated.Heres the script, if you could translate it, you would be a BIG life saver :)C=CustomerW=WaitorC2-Other CustomerC- Hello, could I have Chicken and Rice?W- Sorry, we don't serve that here.C- What are you talking about? I came here yesterday and it was being served here.W- Sorry sir, I have no idea what you're talking about, we do not serve it here. Excuse me for a moment, I have to deal with this customer.W- Hello sir, what can I get you?C2- Would like some Chicken and Rice Please.W- Sure think sir, I'll have it to you in a monet.C2- Thank you very much.C- Wait a second, you told me that you're not serving Chicken and Rice here. How Come you're serving it to him?W- I'm sorry Sir, but like I said before, we don't Serve that here.C- ARRRRGGHHHHHH(lol if you can't translate that its ok):)

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