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Mickey Mousse? It may be a small world after all, but seeing Disneys iconic Main Street transplanted to France and, Id imagine, Tokyo or Hong Kong is tres weird. Still, the Disneyland Park that is at the heart of the European resort holds true to the California prototype and just may be the fairest Magic Kingdom of them all. Most of the classic Disney rides are here in all their glory, including a unique launched version of Space Mountain, Its a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Peter Pans Flight, along with a few unique ones, such as the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril coaster. Lushly appointed and meticulously maintained, the park sparkles and beguiles with its charm.

Popular questions - Rides at Disneyland while I'm 10 weeks pregnant?
The answer- I'm going to Disneyland and i will be 10 weeks pregnant. Now i've read a million of these yahoo answer things where people say you shouldn't ride cause its bumpy and what not. But, I've asked 3 different doctors and they all had the same answer which was "its hard to say" they said even though they had seen no cases they said it "could" happen so just use your best judgment. I work out and run and do jumping jacks almost much more bumpy can it be for the little one. (and if i can survive my husband crazy driving on bumpy terrain i can survive anything!) Anyway so my question is what is the difference between bumping and jolting with running, jumping jacks, and crazy driving and bumping and jolting with rides?

Frequently asked questions : What are the smoothest rides at Disneyland? what rides to avoid if they are super jerky?
Here is the answer: I have a bad back and can handle the smooth metal like roller coasters...but want to avoid the super bumpy and jerky ones...Please let me know which ones you suggest and which ones should NOT be ridden. thank you so much!!!

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