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The brand relationship was predicated on Disneys commitment to wholesome entertainment, making it easy to market anything with the Disney logo on

People often ask - Disney Alice in wonderland favourite character?
We think that- which DISNEY alice in wonderland character is your favourite? the choices are:The Mad HatterThe March HareAliceThe Queen Of HeartsThe Cheshire CatThe White Rabbit.

Popular questions - What is your child getting for Christmas/Hanukkah?
The answer: What are they asking for/what are you getting them?When did you start your shopping?BQ: Where do you want to take your kids on a vacation?BQ2: What's your/your child's favorite Disney character? Why? Do you buy/have a lot of merchandise with that character on it?

Frequently asked questions - Poll:What is your favorite quote from a Disney or ANY movie you've ever seen?
Here is the answer- I'd prefer Disney but up to you.For me, its non-Disney(yeah I know its hypocritical) but its from Forrest Gump when he sees Lieutenant dan enhanced."Lieutenant got Magic Legs" haha. classic Forest

Frequently asked questions - Can someone help me edit this for my wedding website?
The answer: Nick and Brooke traveled to Disneyland in March of 2008 during spring break. After a particularly pleasant flight, dinner, and a couple of hours of nighttime Disney touring, they settled into the crowd to watch the amazing fireworks display. Nick nervously waited for the right moment to pop the question since a lot of the display was set to sci-fi and pirate music and such. Brooke asked several times if everything was okay since Nick seemed to be shaking. Nick said he was only chilly. Finally, towards the end of the show, “When you wish upon a star…” started playing. Nick turned to Brooke, said a few words about how much he loved her and how much he wanted to spend his whole life with her, got down on one knee, pulled out the most gorgeous ring(!) and said, “Will you marry me?” Brooke, in complete shock and through tears, replied, “Yeah.” Realizing how silly “yeah” sounded, she changed her answer to yes. The people standing behind them said “Aw!” Nick stood up and they went over to a bench and just talked and laughed and Brooke cried some more. After a little while, they decided to ride the Indiana Jones attraction to celebrate and it was a really awesome ride. While waiting in line, Brooke decided she had to tell Andie the good news, even though it was so late. Everyone else found out the next day at a more decent hour, even though most people already knew!

Questions for new users - Im obsessed with this girl??????
We think that- I had a severe crush, almost at a point where i thought i was going to have a heart attack. I liked this girl for 6 years. Like I hated her first year, then i liked her next year, i didn't care about her third year, then i liked her again on 4th year, then 5th year i tried to forget about her, 6th year she starts to disappear from my mind again (senior).She doesn't like me at all, in fact she doesn't even consider me as a "friend" but just someone who she knows, and has to be nice to because she knows i like her. I'm not sure what the best option is.. this is my last year of high school, and i hope she doesn't come back into my mind when she disappears.. or regret at the end of the year. She's gone again now.. but, i'm not sure if she's going to haunt me again in my mind... should i tell her i like her, and why i didn't talk to her much except "hi" or "bye" when i see her every single day for 6 years? she already has a bf (senior year she got 1)Do you know what's irritating me though? Whenever i pass by her, EVERY SINGLE DAY for 6 years, she always says "hi (my name)" THATS IT. I'm tired of this girl saying that now... what's up with her?She doesn't like me 100%. She doesn't hate me 100%. SO WHAT? Is that even called a friend? And the sad truth is... she's in my class..Just wondering... but.. is this considered dating or is this just "friend" thing? I REALLY wanna do this once.. and i think she'll get out of my mind.. I wanna go watch movie with her JUST ONCE. OR i just wanna go to Disneyland JUST with her ONCE before i leave High School... is that okay? or is that only for boyfriend girlfriend?

Many people ask - Poll: What is your favourite animated Disney movie?
The answer- Mine all-time favourites: Pinocchio and The Little Mermaid :)What about yours?

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Banned Cartoons - Disney - Mickey Mouse - Haunted House (1929).

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