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Frequently asked questions - What should I get my boyfriend for Christmas?
The answer: on the 14th we will have been going out for about 2 months. I don't really know what to get him so here is some info:Favorite color:blue and purpleFavorite band(s): My Chemical Romance, System of a Down, and some rap artistsFavorite Disney movie: AladdinHe plays the trumpet and pianoHe is in JROTCthanks :)

It s a shame the glorious goddess Judy Kuhn couldn t have been honored as a part of this ceremony, but her character Pocahontas isn t considered a Disney Princess. Here she is singing Colors of the Wind nonetheless, because no celebration of Disney divas would be complete without a shout-out to this mega-talent.

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The answer- My neighbor who was generally friendly with my kid suddenly turned offensive last week. She complained that my kid was doing some obscene gestures (that of pulling out the t-shirt). My kid is turning 5 next week. He watches a lot of super hero cartoons and stuff and generally plays in his own world becoming one super hero from another (not very surprising). For us it is very common to see him doing all sort of crazy body gestures (moving his hands around, fighting with air) and various sounds (dhoosh, foosh, thshaack..).The problem I have is that my neighbor complained about his this behavior in front of my kid. And my kid was super confused as to what did he do wrong. He kept saying that No mama, No mama, I didn't do anything, I didn't do anything. We didn't shout at him or anything but just asked patiently as to what had happened. Later neighbor's husband joined her and told us that my kid keeps doing some crazy things like making circles with his scooter (what is wrong in that?) All this happened in front of my kid, and my kid is now apprehended by this. I see that he is not himself anymore when he plays outside. I feel that his freedom of thought has been snatched.BTW, later the neighbor went ahead and complained to my leasing office about my kid being disrespectful without giving any incident details. I called my neighbor to talk about this but he is not picking up the phone, nor calling back.Can I take any action against my neighbor to bring my kid to this situation where he is not able to think freely anymore. BTW, others in the neighborhood also seemed to indicate similar sentiments towards this neighbor. So, I am pretty sure that something is wrong psychologically on my neighbor's part but obviously I cannot prove that (nor am I interested). I just want my kid to play with freedom.I am living in this neighborhood for more than a year. My kid went to preschool and now K. No complaints. Everyone loves him. I take a lot of pride in how we are raising him. This incident has spoiled it a bit though. I do want to teach my neighbor a lesson though.

I found this article to be somewhat biased as well. Karl talks about certain things found in the Disney animated films for kids, remember that and dismisses them like its no big deal. Oh just two frames of a topless woman and saying to face the facts of buildings are considered phallic??? Please excuse me, but Ive never seen a building look the one shown on the cover of the little mermaid. When it involves kids, theres just no excuse. No excuse. I also cant believe that the writer has not seen the dust written word sex in the Lion King. I only found it when I heard this rumor, and tried to check it out for myself. It was very easy to find, and I was just in shock when I saw it. Come on, what are we supposed to do when this kind of stuff happens? Dismiss it and say Oh so and so has it in for Disney and theyre just trying to find anything wrong with the company because they dont like them. No theres a reason and thank God for those people that see those things, else kids are being fed with this crap. And I think a very honest question is WHY?

Guests not staying at a Walt Disney World Resort will need to provide their own transportation to race weekend activities. To book your stay at a Walt Disney World Resort, please visit our Travel Details page.

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