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Frequently asked questions - Does anybody have an autograph?
Here is the answer- If so .. from who & what is it ?I have an original drawn picture signed by Walt Disney :]. I'm obsessed with Disney so I think it's amazing.a shirt signed by Ricky Davis. & I have a foul ball from a Red Sox game. It's not signed but it's still awesome.

Im inclined to agree with 3. This artist has a terrible sense of color and absolutely no grasp of how to properly draw a female face. The only way these characters even REMOTELY look like their Disney Princess counterparts is in their hair. Otherwise, if just looking at the face, youd have no freakin clue who they were.

Questions for new users : What is a free cartoon making software?
Here is the answer: I want to make a relatively simple cartoon for a class project. I don't have any experience in the field of making cartoons, but I'd like to learn a bit how to do it. so i'd like the software to be easy to use. i'll need to be able to add audio, and be able to export it so i can take it to class. please give me any info! thanks!!

Although fourth-quarter earnings were up overall, operating income at three of Disneys four divisions was down for the period.

Frequently asked questions : Ultimate disney fan questionnaire! Read mine please?! good for the '90's kids!?
Here is the answer: Ok, these things are supposed to be on youtube but i dont know how to do that. I dont know the whole thing so here is what i have so far, tell me what you think:favourite couple: aladdin and jasminefavourite hero: aladdinfavourite heroine: esmeraldafavourite princess: jasminefavourite song: a whole new worldfavourite scene: pocahontas says bye to john smithfavourite villain: frollofavourite sidekick: mushufavourite emotional scene: esmeralda defies frollofavourite dance: belle and beastfavourite kiss: aladdin and jasmines balcony kissfavourite entrance: tie between john smith's and beastsfavourite prince: prince adam (beast)favourite movie: aladdinfavourite child: simbafavourite parent: fa- zhu (mulans dad)favourite song: a whole new worldfavourite opening: the lion king

Many people ask - I am looking for the full cast of Walt Disney's "Davy Crockett: The Alamo".Can someone help me find it, please?
We think that: I know, it's a strange question. But, I am doing a project for my film class and this information is needed,a link to a website where I could find this would be perfect.I know Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen are in it, because this was also my favorite movie when I was maybe 9 or 10, lol.Any help would be extremely appreciated! :)

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