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born Dec. 5, 1901, Chicago, Ill., died Dec. 15, 1966, Los Angeles, Calif. animator and entertainment executive. In the 1920s he joined with his brother Roy and his friend Ub Iwerks 1901 71 to establish an animation studio. Together they created Mickey Mouse, the cheerful rodent customarily drawn by Iwerks, with Disney providing the voice that starred in the first animated film with sound, Steamboat Willie 1928. The brothers formed Walt Disney Productions later the Disney Co. in 1929. Mickey Mouses instant popularity led them to invent other characters such as Donald Duck, Pluto, and Goofy and to make several short cartoon films, including The Three Little Pigs 1933. Their first full-length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937, was followed by classics such as Pinocchio 1940, Fantasia 1940, and Cinderella 1950. A perfectionist, an innovator, and a skilled businessman, Walt Disney maintained tight control over the company in both creative and business aspects. He oversaw the companys expansion into live-action films, television programming, theme parks, and mass merchandising. By his death in 1966, Disney had transformed the family entertainment industry and influenced more than one generation of American children.

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Here is the answer- A.) Switch to Family Guy, Futurama, South Park, etc.?B.) Realize you have just wasted 20+ years of your life watching cartoons, so you'll go out and get a girl/boyfriend?C.) March straight to FOX and demand they put back on The Simpsons or you'll stop watching their programs!?D.) "I don't know what I would do! There is just no point in going on in life without those yellow people making jokes about what I just did earlier this month!"E.) "I really don't care! TV is for losers!"ps If you had to write the ending for the simpsons, how would it end?pss how much longer do you believe The SImpsons have til cancellation? (How much longer do you want it to go?)

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We think that- Okay so i will be taking a trip to Los Angles international airport and i need a little info. so i will be flying with my friend there and we have no cars i was wondering how to get from the los angles airport to at least the Sheraton hotel which is litterally right next to Disneyland. I know i can get a shuttle but i want to know if they offer free shuttle to wherever you want to go or you have to like pay for it. Also can you tell me or like organize for me what you did when you went to disneyland with a plane? Thank you so much and for all of your responses i really will apreciate it. :)

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