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Popular questions : What's your favorite Disney couple?
The answer is: &why?I'm talking about classic, animated Disney movies.-Snow White & the prince guy-Cinderella & Prince Charming-Aurora & Prince Phillip-Ariel & Prince Eric *-Belle & the beast-Jasmine & Aladdin-Pocahontas & John Smith-Meg & Hercules-Mulan & Li-Jane & Tarzan-Princess Tiana & Prince Naveen*My favorite couple is Ariel & Eric. They're so cute. I love how Ariel wanted to be part of another world and actually does so after falling in love with Eric. Ariel is cute & naive. Ariel and Eric both are adventurous. I'm glad Disney altered the original story. The original was sad.

Frequently asked questions : What is your favourite disney princess movie?
The answer is: I feel like watching one :)

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