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People often ask - Who is your favorite Disney character and why?
The answer is: Whenever I ask people this question I hear the same thing... what do you guys think, you all have different personalities so I want to hear what you have to say!

Is this race walker friendly? Both runners and walkers who can maintain a 16-minute per mile pace are welcome to participate in the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend.

Here is the answer- okayy, so when i was younger there was this movie that i was OBSESSED with and the other night, i suddenly had a dream about it. (strange, i know right?) and it was just glimpses of the movie but now im curious to find out the name!!!! SO! the movie is about a boy (and maybe a girl, i cant remember) who runs away to the circus, (its an animated movie, not sure if its Walt Disney or Warner bros or something) and I remember it being like a strange circus, with a psycho ringleader and elephants and bubbles!and the enter like this strange dimension. i remember there being a sign about the circus and then the boy and girl go to it even though they are like forbidden or something. this is probably the crappiest description ever! but in my head it made so much more sense -__-' im desperate! so if any movie sounds familiar please please please please tell me! I need to find out what this movie is called!!!!!!!

Popular questions : How to make cartoons?
Here is the answer- which software should i use to make a short cartoon film which resembles family guy or south park or dexter or at list like flash animationplease tell me

Questions for new users : Do current Disneyland tickets have the patron's name printed on them?
The answer- During the current 2fer program for Southern California residents, are the guests' names printed on the tickets to ensure that they are not transferred to others for the second park visit? I know that they print the names on the ticket for the 4-visit tickets that you can buy from Costco, but my friend is planning on going there soon and I'd like to use that ticket (after she is done for the day) towards upgrading to an Annual Passport. Thanks!

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