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The following films were produced by ImageMovers Digital since its acquisition by Disney. However, Disney does not own earlier films made by ImageMovers Digital. All of the films below contain computer animated shots, and all were also released or re-released in a Disney Digital 3-D limited cinema version. ImageMovers Digital was closed in 2011.

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The answer is: I've only known him for three weeks, so I don't know much about him. I know that he likes the Yankees because he's always watching them play and that his favorite disney movie is the Lion King lol. I saw a simba plushie at the disney store and was going to get that but I didn't have enough money (I'm poor) lol. All I have is three bucks right now, so I was thinking about making him something. I am sort of good at drawing, so any ideas?

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Here is the answer- 1.can any of you wait for the next episode 'falling for the falls'?2.what would have happened if disney never had a show called sonny with a chance ? many seasons of swac do you want ? you know anything about episode 2 season 2 ?5.which is your favourite character in the show and why ?[i like all of them ]

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