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One of Disneys trademark attractions and the Paris version is its most impressive yet. This gentle boat ride through Disneys version of the countries of the world is tame enough for even the littlest members of the family. The kids will be enchanted with the singing animatronic dolls, while youll marvel at the kitsch factor. Well worth a visit, just dont blame us when you cant get the song out of your head afterwards.

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Many people ask : As a kid what was your favorite disney movie to watch???
The answer- mine was Lion King! grrr...

You dont need to be a Disney fan to appreciate the high points of Epic Mickey, but it certainly helps when the going gets rough. Thankfully, the moments of sheer joy this game creates - - whether its the umpteenth weird twist on a Disney classic or the multitude of fantastic side-scrolling levels themed after Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts - - mean theres always something worthwhile just around the corner.

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The first two Mickey shorts were not successful but then came Steamboat Willy a cutting edge animation the first to feature synchronized music and sound effects to hit the big screen. The film first premiered in New York on Nov. 18, 1928 and was immediately acclaimed a huge success. A series of Mickey Mouse shorts soon appeared including, Plane Crazy which actually predated Steamboat Willy. Mickey Mouse became a national icon by the end of the year and it was then that Walt Disney propelled the mouse to true superstar status by starting up a line of Mickey merchandise and not long after the Mickey Mouse Club was formed.

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