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Disney cruises combine the luxury of a cruise ship with the magic of the Disney brand. Whether you are taking a transatlantic journey or sunning yourself in the Bahamas, youll find a wide variety of on-board activities to suit all ages. Disney cruise ships offer a balance of both energetic and relaxing activities, plus events personalized by age to make every guest feel at home.

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The Walt Disney Company NYSE: DIS is a leading media and entertainment conglomerate. The company is divided into five major business segments: Media Networks including the ABC network, Parks and Resorts, Studio Entertainment including Pixar, Consumer Products and Interactive Media. Under the leadership of its new CEO, Bob Iger, Disney has renewed its emphasis on its core strategy of creating and distributing attractive content for children and syndicating this content through its various entertainment channels. For example, when Disney produces a new movie, it continues to capitalize on the characters in the movie long after it has left the box office. Before the movie leaves theaters, the company will have already released a line of complementary toys and action figures. This is followed by the release of the movie on DVD and - depending on its popularity - a presence in Disneys theme parks or its own television show.

Questions for new users : Disneyland 2009 Ad Song?(:?
Here is the answer- hello(:haha i was just wondering if anyone knew the song that plays at . no im not talking about the walt disney world ad. but the song that plays on the disneyland website. if anyone does know who sings it and whats it called, i would appreciated it! thanks(:

Popular questions : I feel like everything has to be archived?
Here is the answer- Why do I constantly feel that anything I care for has to be archived for all time?For example, I'm one of the biggest Disneyland aficionados you have ever stumbled upon. I know that how Disneyland is now, it wont be that way in ten years so I feel like I have an urge to maybe, go in a ride and photograph inch of scenery, chart the track, videorecord the ride through, every sound file be stored....but when I bring my camera to the park, I end up loosing the patience to record and the small things i do record i dont have the patience to record?

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We think that: I was thinking about it when i had my brother kids over and ask my wife the same question we laugh at how many we like.S.S.S telephone rock/healthy food C.M/ c is for cookie-C.M/milkdisney movie jungle book /aristocrats

Rapunzel will welcomed into the Disney Princess royal court on October 2 at Kensington Palace in London. Disney Princess fans can feel a part of the special occasion by participating in an online video contest on Whether its the kindness shown by Cinderella, determination of Tiana, or adventurous nature of Rapunzel, girls connect with Disney Princess characters in different ways to bring their own stories to life. With the Your Princess Moment The Story Begins With You video upload contest, fans age 12 and under can submit a 45-second video singing part of one of four songs from the upcoming Disney Princess Fairy Tale Songs compilation album, available Sept. 20 from Walt Disney Records. Alternatively, fans can submit a video recreating a favorite Disney Princess scene, dressing up or performing a dance.

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