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Popular questions : How do you make backgrounds/cartoon characters without drawing them?
The answer: I am making and selling little glass magnets at an art studio and am having trouble getting copyrights or even finding images i can use. Are there any free/cheap programs or software that are good for making images (cute animated looking cupcakes, peace signs, flowers ect.) thats easy to use? I am a pretty crafty person but completley new to designing these kind of images so im just lost. Any info will be great, thank you!

Questions for new users - Favorite Disney animation?
The answer- favorite Disney animation and pixar films? i dont care what you say disney and every animation company affiliated with it is the best in the world.mine are1 beauty and the beast2 up2 wall-e3 aladdin4 the rescuers down under (extreamly underrated some REALLY good animation)5 treasure planet (somehow bombed but it is spectacular)6 incredibles7 monsters inc8 hunchback of notradam9 tarzan10 lilo and stitchhere is a list of all the dinsey movies with animation in them. what are your fav? (no disney channel crap, if its not on this list dont add it in your top 10)(*=not part of the official disney cannon)(!=co made by different company)1937- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs1940- Pinocchio1940- Fantasia1941- The Reluctant Dragon *1941- Dumbo1942- Bambi1943- Saludos Amigos1943- Victory through airpower *1945- The Three Caballeros1946- Make Mine Music1946- Song of the south *1947- Fun and Fancy Free1948- So dear to my heart *1948- Melody Time1949- The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad1950- Cinderella1951- Alice in Wonderland1953- Peter Pan1955- Lady and the Tramp1959- Sleeping Beuty1961- 101 Dalmatians1963- The Sword and the Stone1964- Marry Poppins *1967- The Jungle Book1970-The Aristocats1971- Bedknobs and Broomsticks *1973- Robin Hood1977- The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh1977- The Rescuers1977- Peteís Dragon *1981- The Fox and the Hound1985- The Black Cauldron1986- The Great Mouse Detectives1988- Who Framed Roger Rabbit *1988- Oliver & Company1989- The Little Mermaid1990- The Rescuers Down Under1991- Beauty and the Beast1992- Aladdin1993- Nightmare before Christmas *1994- The Lion King1995- Toy Story !1995- Pocahontas1996- James and the giant peach *1996- The Hunchback of Notre Dame1997- Hercules1997- A Bugís Life !1998- Mulan1999- Tarzan1999- Toy Story 2 !2000- Fantasia 20002000- Dinosaur2000- The Emperorís New Groove2001- Monsters Inc. !2001- Atlantis: The Lost Empire2002- Lilo and Stitch2002- Treasure Planet2003- Brother Bear2003- Finding Nemo !2004- The Incredibles !2004- Home on the Rang2005- Chicken Little2006- Cars !2007- Meet the Robinsons2007- Enchanted *2007- Ratatouille !2008- Bolt2008- WALL-E !2009- Up !not released yet2009- Christmas carol *2009- The Princess and the Frog (booya! for 2d in 3d)

People often ask : I have a question about a Disneyland ride/motion sickness.?
The answer- I've been to Disneyland several times. I've been on almost every ride (that doesn't go in circles). I've been on Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and the Matterhorn. But I've never been on Space Mountain.I will be going to Disneyland next month and I am curious to know if I will be okay going on Space Mountain. You see, I get motion sickness and I've been on 3 of the 4 major rides at Disneyland with no problem.My dad says that while Space Mountain is kinda like Thunder Mountain, it's more of a "visual motion" ride than a "physical motion" ride and I might run the risk of getting sick.Should I take Dramamine before getting on the ride or should I sit out Space Mountain?

Popular questions : How To Develop A Career In Animation?
The answer: My brother is very creative. He thinks in a very humorous manner.He draws sketches of cartoon character and his own characters ina very funny way, and explains them in such a way that makes otherslaugh.(The cartoons he draws aren't so detailed though)He thinks he can do good in animation.I strongly feel that he is not able to portray his imagination,that he wants to do with animation.He tries to use Macromedia flash , fireworks etc. to make someanimation but finds himself crippled at using the software.(He made a VERY [it was a 4-5 frame clip] crude clip of a whale jumping in and out of ocean)/I want to know how to give him the right direction so as to exploit his creativity.Making professional quality animation requires too much of work.I just want that he becomes able enough to give his imagination some solid existence.What will that require?/Will that need a well and structured training?Are courses available for 12 years olds?Where are they available in India?What are the most efficient training centers available in India, those that are devoted for the cause?All other guidelines are heartly and thankfully welcome.

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